Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Birthday , Felicia and Darius!

Celebrated Felicia and Darius's Birthday yesterday at a zhi char place near Hall 14.... was a good deal... $15.80 nett buffet!!! Just that all of us was too thirsty yesterday, guess due to too much MSG... hahah.

吃掉你! hahahha... 2nd time eat crab. Paisay lah, never eat before ma. Remember 1st time was at Kuishinbo, Justin taught me how to eat crab. Lol.. yesterday thanks to Joseph, ahha... who helped me take out crabmeat...AWWWW...*wink wink*. HAHha. Black Pepper crab awesome!!!!!

Boss checking out his new wallet...haha.

Felicia thought she's out of the picture...hahahha.

Myself with the birthday babies...

Darius... happy until can see all his teeth. Haha... ohh..he grabbing felicia's hand ah, no wonder.

I don't know why...chun hern(in blue) always have the "I'm saying fuck" look. Maybe officers are all like that lah... scold fuck you too often. Pls change , chun hern. HAHha.

Chun hern and Huiyee... hahha.

All the best to exams!! Mug hard!!

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