Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Little Nonyas went to Shokudo Heerens?! 小娘惹到了 Shokudo Heerens?!

Heard that the Little Nonyas went to Shokudo Heerens last Saturday...for a part-time job interview... what's going on?! Click the video below to follow the storyline!!!

So, after a strong fight in Shokudo Heerens Kitchen, the Nonyas and the guys finally dished out their masterpieces!!!

Well done 月娘!With her skillful culinary skills, she was the first one to bring out her masterpiece!

Bamboo Prawn Rice

Mr. Shokudo says...
Superb! 月娘's unique way of serving the dish in a bamboo container actually enhance the taste of the dish! When the rice goes down your throat, at the same time, the bamboo smell also goes into your nose...oh my god!!! Not forgetting the prawns, how did you manage to do that!? The Q-ness, the freshness... when the prawn goes with the yellow rice, the taste just blend together so well. The taste is just right, not too salty, not too blend. It's healthy choice! 月娘, you always spare a thought for the elderly!

Followed by 珍珠... hmm, Mr. Shokudo heard that 珍珠 steals 玉珠's ingredient again...but he closed one eye...

Rosti With Sausage

Mr Shokudo says...
Hmm... hai hai , so Rosti means potato des neh. 珍珠 you can really cook well! Learnt from 月娘?At first I thought there's nothing special about this dish, just "LO TI" with Sausage... Loti in Singapore Slang means Bread eh? Then well... by looking at your dish, you really can whip out something special with just the potato ! I guessed you had grated the potatoes and with your skillful frying technique, you had most possibly mixed with some butter and fried in oil later. The grated potatoes are then shaped into rounds or patties. Am I right? The sausage blends with the rosti equally well, nice! But...bear in mind, next time don't steal 玉珠‘s ingredient eh? My restaurant need more honest people! ;)

Hey 珍珠! It must have been hard on you! But with limited ingredients, you still can whipped out a masterpiece! It look simple, but I believed there's more to be explored on!


Mr. Shokudo says...
珍珠,you are smart! I know that you are only left with chicken meat as your ingredient, and you "UPPPPPED" your dish by giving a "CLASSY" name, Tsukune!! By looking and tasting your dish, I know that this Japanese chicken meatball cooked in yakitori style should be either fried or baked. It's very different from the normal meatballs you ate outside...It's not those Bah Chor Mee(Minced Meat Noodles) meatballs, but... you know, when you just give one bite to it, you feel like having it more!!! Oh yah, you must have really imparted 月娘 skills, this dish suits the elderly too, especially those with weak teeth! 珍珠, you have improved!!!

And here comes my dearest Nephew! I'm so eager to taste your food... I hope you didn't forget your grandfather's recipies!

Japanese Style Sakura-ebi Omelette

Mr. Shokudo Says...
Hmm... Nephew, not bad...but can be improved abit more! But overall, I do like the omelette with ebi, it's special! But I think you can reduce the usage of oil, cause Uncle old liao ah, easily get heart attack! Haha...but nevertheless, the "feel" of this dish is very good, very tasty, and I believe will goes well with a bowl of rice! My dearest nephew, learn more from 月娘!

Wow! 陈锡! You come just at the right time! I need some dessert at this point of time! Looks good!

Tofu Cheese Cake

Mr. Shokudo says...
Wow! It's really.... WOW! It brings me back to my "Part-tolling" days... so sweet... immensed in my own world with my Dearest Dear...haha! Just one bite, you can feel that cheese melt in your mouth, and goes down your throat... that very thin piece of biscuit underneath the cheese, that must be eaten together with the cheesecake, because that feeling is..."AWWW!" , "oooooo!" , "shIok!" (don't anyhow think...) , but this description! Thanks for bringing this good food to me... the way, did you doo this while thinking of 月娘?Because...when I ate the first bite, I'm so deeply touched that I wanted to cry... oh my...!

Oh my... thanks for all your superb dishes! I have added all into my menu @ Shokudo Heerens!!!

And now....let me annouce the winner for today... who will get a chance to work in my restaurant...and he/she is.....

陈锡!!! Your cheese tofu is really Ups!!! Congrats!!!! If you only have the time just enough for one dish...I strongly recommend you... TOFU CHEESE CAKE! Must Try!!!!

Oh yah.... and my restaurant address!

Must come visit me!!!

Haha, alrights! Let's come back to reality, just now was just a more entertaining way of presenting to you my entry. Just to clarify, I'm kevin ah, not Mr. Shokudo, and I'm not that rich to open a restaurant yet!!!

Haha, yeh, so last saturday, we went to Shokudo @ Heerens for a food review session, and I had just reviewed the food.

But maybe let me give you an extra summary on the happenings and Shokudo Heerens review!!!!

They say pictures speak a thousand words, speaks a MILLION WORDS? (With Exclusive Interviews!!!!)

Anyway, how's Shokudo Heerens like? For those who have gone to Marche, you will be familiar by its style of scanning a card, and pay later!

Advantage? Convenient!
Disadvantage? Careful! You may overspent!!!

There's one corner in the restaurant... that I like it very much... on the summary of the restaurant...

For the food... double-image rate 4 out of 5!!!

For service...double-image rate 4 out of 5 too!!!

And not forgetting ambience... 3.5 out of 5!!!

As for value for money...paisay ah, Aku go there eat free. HAhaha! But should be afforable right? hahAHA...or else OMY go bankrupt liao lah!!!

For those who are interested in Shokudo VIP you go!!!

And last but not least, thank you OMY and Heerens for giving me the opportunity to meet more people!

So, if you are free, do drop by Shokudo @ Heerens!


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