Saturday, May 30, 2009

EID executive shots and business plan submission!!

Yeh, that's the title of our project. eR hEM, Paisay lah, I design one. Haha... anyway, today marks the end of our proposal, kudos to Wei Ze and Jun Yue for spending most of their time editing our DECENT english. Lol. But that's not the end lah, still got one more week, next week will be the presentation and finishing up with our prototypes.

Hehe, yeh, our company logo. Ehh, ya lah, its me again lah. haha.

And so, other than finishing up the proposal, today we also spend most of the time cam-whoring lah. Lol. No lah, Wei Ze, wanted us to do an executive shot so we can put into our proposal lah. Ehh... just a word of precaution, not for the weak hearted, cos there will be lots of... WEI ZE's photos after this. LoL

Alrights, give them a break. Couple does have small conflicts sometimes lah...LoL, jun yue and wei ze. LoL

Jialiang, whom Wei Ze thought can go to PROM immediately after he put on the blazer, and Wei Ze in action. Don't know why Wei Ze so happy lah, he full of craps lah. hAHA.

Shi wei and Wei Ze, and Wei Zhe, this is the 2nd day you are wearing a GREEN shirt. You are really a GREEN PEA lea.

Myself and him lah. Yes, not again. Haha, now...looking at all my "pleasant" comments bout Wei Ze, you should know we are not on good terms lah. HAHAHAH. (Wei Ze, you know I love to Joke lah...haha.)

Okay, I know you had enough of Wei Ze's pic in my blog. Introduce to hem, the thorn among the roses, no...I mean the rose among the thorns, Kristel! The only girl in our group lah. Haha, look at them... *rumours* hhaa, no lah. Joking lah, Wei Ze's attached lah. Girls out there, don't worry, you all are safe. LOL!

Alrights, introducing to you , the 11 guys and 1 girl group(As quoted from Wei Ze), our executive shots!

And the outcome in our proposal!

Freshly "baked"! Hot leh! It's true man, just come out from photocopier mah. LoL.

The happy faces! Haha, must also thank Wei Ze for editing, Kristel and Shiwei for the survey questions also man!

Okay lah, i go sleep liao. Weekend going to be burnt, working in National Museum from 10.30am to 6.30pm on both days.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

最后一次.. A Youtube video that attracted 284,000+ viewership...


A song composed by a 17 yrs old girl that had passed away.

A video that attracted 284,000+ viewership...

在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记
先走了 去了好远的地方
不能再陪你看日出 等不到天亮
所有回忆 抹去 却并不容易
生死由天决定 不要太伤心
在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记
在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记
我 永远 爱你。

Before I close my eyes for the last time
I wish to tell you I love you
In your embrace, don't wish to let go
In my heart, thousands of words I have yet to tell you
I used all my strength to keep my eyes from closing
After this farewell, there will be no more meetings, no more can I be by your side
But please don't forget
You promised me you will live on as well as you can

I'm leaving first, leaving for a faraway place
I won't be able to watch the sunrise with you anymore
I won't be able to wait for dawn
Erasing all the memories, is not an easy thing
But life & death are predestined, don't be too sad

Top 4 liao!!!

Thanks everyone for your support!

Next week is the revival round... so can take a break.

Immediately after revival round, will be the final round...

here's a recapped of my entries... =)

Using creative Vado to take pictures...

Shoduku heerens food review...

And the entry that get me into top 20...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally...a little break.

Okay, I'm officially taking a break tml... thanks to Weize, our group leader for giving us a break due to soccer match later in the will resume on Friday =)

Guess I can take some time to breathe some fresh air and learn to smile. =)

Some pics from EID again...

Fann Wong's cousin a.k.a shou Zhi, haha... guiding me how to use the drilling machines...

He's also guiding cheng siong too..

Shou zhi in action... guy in red is cheng siong, in blue is Jialiang

And the two Green peas of the day... Wei ze and JunYue.

Check out who's the faggot?

After project, few of us went to play badminton...

Jun yue in action...

Wei ze in blue, vs Shiwei

Junyue and Cheng Siong looked shagged.

Alrights, sleeping soon.

Looking forward to my official off day tml. =)

加油, Kevin soh.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thanks, Bro

Thank you for that generous support, anywhere, anytime.

One can really lose too much control of himself, and when you turn back, you regret for all the actions. Thanks for pulling me back again.

Keeping it simple, sweet and short. Or else there will be people out there giving me the nick Emo king.

I don't need you guys to judge me.

I maybe slow in thinking, "kevin slow" , just take a little more time to complete what seems to be easy to the rest.

失败很痛, 但我决定再站起来。咸鱼, 有一天也能翻身。

Don't ask me how am I doing, because you know what's my answer, so why bother asking?

But I thank those who sent ur smses, I may not reply, but it had reached me. Sorry for not replying. Just want to say, I really really appreciate it. Apologise for my disappearance, but I needed sometime on my own.

Time to move on, brand new day awaits.

加油,Kevin Soh.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

抢摊大行动 ll

Went for filming this morning...for 抢摊大行动 ll , must thank Kim from Mediacorp for inviting me, a random msg on my blog turn out to be a surprised!

The four of us...

Sophia...who just recovered from wisdom tooth operation

Daphne too excited? Haha

sO...this were the food tasted... we look like the poster?

Sophia, Matthew, Daphne and Myself...

The familiar score board

抢摊大行动, yeh!

Support the store now!!
It's located @ Blk 840 Hougang Interchange!

28 hours without sleep

Yes, for the first time, surprisingly, I wasn't feeling quite tired, just that I felt easily frustrated and impatience.

Just slept at 8pm and woke up just now. But I'm returning back to my sleep soon, have to wake up at 9am for filming.

Anyway, was rushing my omy blog entry yesterday, seriously not easy. Imagine editing the clips,and talking to yourself @ odd hours of the night. Then before I could have enough rest, I had to bring my Mum to TTSH for medical review.

Yup, she is fine, and Doctor said one more review next week and maybe she can get discharged.


After that, rushed down back to school for EID. Our group is progressing with the guidience of our group leader...wei ze. Haha. Anyway, I'm tasked to do a "Special project" and got some photos from Kristal.

This is our progress board... updated by our leader wei ze

This person...who looks like he's in deep Wei Ze...our group leader. Haha, but actually, by infering from this pic, he has some complicated relationship with

This is david...who is very proud of his masterpiece...haha.

Our group is divided into 3 teams... one of them is the proposal team... (my group)

Which comprises people like Junyue, Chengxiong and myself...

Not forgetting the lady in pink...kristal... this is our working space, must thank the lab tech for providing us this room. Also known as our HQ, for WeiZe to give his daily briefings and debriefings...haha.

This team comprises of 2 groups... the design team and the riveting team... one group will come up with the design, the group will execute with all the boltings, cuttings, etc...They were discussing their plans in HQ before heading to the workshop... they are the MAN of the group...damn ZAI. haha.

The riveting group in action...shiwei (in red) and Jialiang

The design team in action... david and shouzhi(back facing you) And I happen to know Shouzhi is fann wong's, the world is so small. No, I mean Singapore is so small.

Haha, alrights, anyway... we are doing a survey... for our project. So if you are free, and you are KIND enuff... wanna spend some time on this survey? 6 questions only lah...haha, thanks to Kristal and Shiwei for the questions. =)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

欢迎来到 double-image 的音乐室!

今天想要跟你分享一些有趣的流行歌曲!他们的音律可以是那么的动听, 他们的歌词可以是那么的动人, 可是呢, 当我们把这两者放在一起时,却有意想不到的效果!

不好意思啦,这是 Double-Image 第一次的 PODCAST... 把我的处女作品交给你啦!听了好几次还是觉得怪怪的!没办法。。。 omy 说一。。。 Double-Image 不能说二 leh!

不好了, 怎么“爱的主打歌”变成了 “爱的猪大哥”了呢? 费翔和孤魂野鬼有什么神秘关系? 五月天又为何出口成脏?! 温岚为了一条鱿鱼而大发雷霆!?! 这到底是怎么一回事? 现在就立刻点击以上的 DOUBLE-IMAGE PODCAST!!!!
想要下载 Double-image 的 PodCast 吗?立即点击以上的官方网站!
Click the above URL to download my podcast!!!

好听的旋律,和动人的词,是不够的!最重要的是,这两者混在一起时,听起来要舒服,表达的内容,也不要偏离作词者的真正定义!不然,最后的受害者,最终还是歌手们,因为这将会成为永远的笑话了!如果说当歌手难,那当词曲作者就更难了!Double-image 在此向你们致敬!今天所谓你们播的歌,纯脆是好玩罢了, 绝对没有要针对任何歌手以及词曲作者们!如有得罪之处,请各位多多包涵!好了,就为您介绍到这里!我们下次再见吧!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I saw myself on Papers!

Thanks for all your support! I'm rushing my next entry now... PODCAST. I seriously don't know what to write. Mind still in a blank. Tonight don't need to sleep liao...I think next round very hard to get in liao lah...but nvm lah, what matters the most is the experiences! Hahah...

Here's a compilation of my ranking over the past 5 weeks!!! Must definitely mentioned people like Dennis, Sophia, Priscilla, Justin, Yixia, Songwei, Yanpei and many many silent voters for keeping me in top 5 ranking... hahah, please continue to vote!!! There will be prizes worth $1300 for 3 lucky voters!!! Voting ends on 15 June 2009!!!

Anyway... got a random, yet surprised email from mediacorp... they are inviting me to be their food tasters for 抢摊大行动 part 2!!!

I think they found my blog through Omy? Hahah... don't know lah, cos it all started out with a comment on my blog, and I thought was some random advertisement.

Will be going down this thurs, with more updates!!!

Okay...back to omy blogging...

Weekend @ Clark Quay!

Went to Clark Quay with Yanpei and Peishan last Saturday...

Went to this Thai Food restaurant @ Liang Court... a-la-carte buffet @ 20.00 nett!!!! Eat until you siao!!!

Mind you...Not for those who can't take SPICY FOOD!!!

We decided to explore the night scene of Clark Quay... after eating so much..haha

Peishan and Yanpei...I didn't do any touch up ah... no effects...

How can we forget jump shots...hahaha.

The night scene of Clark Quay...wooOOhOO!

Singapore isn't that boring after all right?

Alrights...back to EID project....