Thursday, May 21, 2009

28 hours without sleep

Yes, for the first time, surprisingly, I wasn't feeling quite tired, just that I felt easily frustrated and impatience.

Just slept at 8pm and woke up just now. But I'm returning back to my sleep soon, have to wake up at 9am for filming.

Anyway, was rushing my omy blog entry yesterday, seriously not easy. Imagine editing the clips,and talking to yourself @ odd hours of the night. Then before I could have enough rest, I had to bring my Mum to TTSH for medical review.

Yup, she is fine, and Doctor said one more review next week and maybe she can get discharged.


After that, rushed down back to school for EID. Our group is progressing with the guidience of our group leader...wei ze. Haha. Anyway, I'm tasked to do a "Special project" and got some photos from Kristal.

This is our progress board... updated by our leader wei ze

This person...who looks like he's in deep Wei Ze...our group leader. Haha, but actually, by infering from this pic, he has some complicated relationship with

This is david...who is very proud of his masterpiece...haha.

Our group is divided into 3 teams... one of them is the proposal team... (my group)

Which comprises people like Junyue, Chengxiong and myself...

Not forgetting the lady in pink...kristal... this is our working space, must thank the lab tech for providing us this room. Also known as our HQ, for WeiZe to give his daily briefings and debriefings...haha.

This team comprises of 2 groups... the design team and the riveting team... one group will come up with the design, the group will execute with all the boltings, cuttings, etc...They were discussing their plans in HQ before heading to the workshop... they are the MAN of the group...damn ZAI. haha.

The riveting group in action...shiwei (in red) and Jialiang

The design team in action... david and shouzhi(back facing you) And I happen to know Shouzhi is fann wong's, the world is so small. No, I mean Singapore is so small.

Haha, alrights, anyway... we are doing a survey... for our project. So if you are free, and you are KIND enuff... wanna spend some time on this survey? 6 questions only lah...haha, thanks to Kristal and Shiwei for the questions. =)


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