Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Burst out

Not feeling good.

Mum's sick and it's really affecting me.

Dr Yuen say there's a stone in her cheek area blocking the saliva, and resulting the swell in her neck area. She has been complaining bout the intense pain. Luckily doc gave her an injection. Doc say need to remove the stone, but problem is it's hard to locate the stone. Haiz. Hate to see my mum suffer. Pain to see her tear.

Tml going to accompany my mum go polyclinic get a referal to hospital.After that need to rush to school for EID. Must be wondering why don't get referral from dr yuen?

No money lo. Hate Singapore medical system. Totally discriminate poor people like us. And working in the clinic, I always hear this saying... "You can't get sick in Singapore, it's too expensive. It's better to be dead."

Stressed. I just hope my mum get well soon.

Just want to say... it really hurts to see your loved one suffer, yet you can do nothing to help her.

Mummy, 我爱你, 加油。

Haiz, today... it's the dunno how many times I'm really dulan with this person's insensitivity.

I'm always very amused with people trying to criticise someone but not naming him or her in the blog... then whats the point of mentioning?

But today, I CAN'T TAKE IT.

My volcano will erupt any moment.

But... at least I use my brain to think before what I say.

As for you... I think you used your ass instead.

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Anonymous said...

hope your mum recovers soon!