Saturday, May 30, 2009

EID executive shots and business plan submission!!

Yeh, that's the title of our project. eR hEM, Paisay lah, I design one. Haha... anyway, today marks the end of our proposal, kudos to Wei Ze and Jun Yue for spending most of their time editing our DECENT english. Lol. But that's not the end lah, still got one more week, next week will be the presentation and finishing up with our prototypes.

Hehe, yeh, our company logo. Ehh, ya lah, its me again lah. haha.

And so, other than finishing up the proposal, today we also spend most of the time cam-whoring lah. Lol. No lah, Wei Ze, wanted us to do an executive shot so we can put into our proposal lah. Ehh... just a word of precaution, not for the weak hearted, cos there will be lots of... WEI ZE's photos after this. LoL

Alrights, give them a break. Couple does have small conflicts sometimes lah...LoL, jun yue and wei ze. LoL

Jialiang, whom Wei Ze thought can go to PROM immediately after he put on the blazer, and Wei Ze in action. Don't know why Wei Ze so happy lah, he full of craps lah. hAHA.

Shi wei and Wei Ze, and Wei Zhe, this is the 2nd day you are wearing a GREEN shirt. You are really a GREEN PEA lea.

Myself and him lah. Yes, not again. Haha, now...looking at all my "pleasant" comments bout Wei Ze, you should know we are not on good terms lah. HAHAHAH. (Wei Ze, you know I love to Joke lah...haha.)

Okay, I know you had enough of Wei Ze's pic in my blog. Introduce to hem, the thorn among the roses, no...I mean the rose among the thorns, Kristel! The only girl in our group lah. Haha, look at them... *rumours* hhaa, no lah. Joking lah, Wei Ze's attached lah. Girls out there, don't worry, you all are safe. LOL!

Alrights, introducing to you , the 11 guys and 1 girl group(As quoted from Wei Ze), our executive shots!

And the outcome in our proposal!

Freshly "baked"! Hot leh! It's true man, just come out from photocopier mah. LoL.

The happy faces! Haha, must also thank Wei Ze for editing, Kristel and Shiwei for the survey questions also man!

Okay lah, i go sleep liao. Weekend going to be burnt, working in National Museum from 10.30am to 6.30pm on both days.


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