Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finally...a little break.

Okay, I'm officially taking a break tml... thanks to Weize, our group leader for giving us a break due to soccer match later in the will resume on Friday =)

Guess I can take some time to breathe some fresh air and learn to smile. =)

Some pics from EID again...

Fann Wong's cousin a.k.a shou Zhi, haha... guiding me how to use the drilling machines...

He's also guiding cheng siong too..

Shou zhi in action... guy in red is cheng siong, in blue is Jialiang

And the two Green peas of the day... Wei ze and JunYue.

Check out who's the faggot?

After project, few of us went to play badminton...

Jun yue in action...

Wei ze in blue, vs Shiwei

Junyue and Cheng Siong looked shagged.

Alrights, sleeping soon.

Looking forward to my official off day tml. =)

加油, Kevin soh.

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