Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I saw myself on Papers!

Thanks for all your support! I'm rushing my next entry now... PODCAST. I seriously don't know what to write. Mind still in a blank. Tonight don't need to sleep liao...I think next round very hard to get in liao lah...but nvm lah, what matters the most is the experiences! Hahah...

Here's a compilation of my ranking over the past 5 weeks!!! Must definitely mentioned people like Dennis, Sophia, Priscilla, Justin, Yixia, Songwei, Yanpei and many many silent voters for keeping me in top 5 ranking... hahah, please continue to vote!!! There will be prizes worth $1300 for 3 lucky voters!!! Voting ends on 15 June 2009!!!

Anyway... got a random, yet surprised email from mediacorp... they are inviting me to be their food tasters for 抢摊大行动 part 2!!!

I think they found my blog through Omy? Hahah... don't know lah, cos it all started out with a comment on my blog, and I thought was some random advertisement.

Will be going down this thurs, with more updates!!!

Okay...back to omy blogging...

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