Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thanks, Bro

Thank you for that generous support, anywhere, anytime.

One can really lose too much control of himself, and when you turn back, you regret for all the actions. Thanks for pulling me back again.

Keeping it simple, sweet and short. Or else there will be people out there giving me the nick Emo king.

I don't need you guys to judge me.

I maybe slow in thinking, "kevin slow" , just take a little more time to complete what seems to be easy to the rest.

失败很痛, 但我决定再站起来。咸鱼, 有一天也能翻身。

Don't ask me how am I doing, because you know what's my answer, so why bother asking?

But I thank those who sent ur smses, I may not reply, but it had reached me. Sorry for not replying. Just want to say, I really really appreciate it. Apologise for my disappearance, but I needed sometime on my own.

Time to move on, brand new day awaits.

加油,Kevin Soh.

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