Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Omy.sg Y-bloggist Competition Entries

Food Review

Experience with Creative Vado



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rushing here and there... damn tired

Today really had been a tired day.... rushing here and there.

Worked in Chong's clinic from 8.30am to 12.15pm... thanks sabrinah for covering some duties for me...

Then rushed down to National Museum and ushered two R-21 films today... then was talking to my superior, and realised many ghost stories, and was told by her not to leak out...so as not to freak out the rest of the usherers... Lol.

At night...by then, I'm already half-dead...then went to give tuition...

My colleagues at National Museum asked if I'm getting married or buying house...why slogged until so hard. Haha, aye... dunno leh, maybe as a form to get out of my emo-ness?

Aiya, earned more money for future lah, but well, everyone knows I spend alot, not on myself...but on my friends lah... so I worked hard for my friends lo. Haha.

Anyway, I realised I didn't blog about clinic bbq last Saturday....

Deborah, Adeline, Sabrinah

Some went home earlier... the clinic group pic, old and young generation...lol
From left: Dennis, Shujun, Sabrinah, Deborah, Daniel Lee, Myself
Sitting tua ling long in the centre: Dr Yuen

Not uploading on facebook lah...I think I'm abit sianz of facebook, visiting that social website lesser liao. I think I may be the first one out of my many friends to retire from it... lol..

Was talking to Daniel yesterday, he should be on the plane now,coming back from Melbourne. dunno if he touched down liao. He said he was having sorethroat, flu and fever...hoped he's alright. Bro, hope that you are H1N1 free!!!!

All my friends are coming back to me! Priscilla coming back soon lo!

Many thanks

Thanks, that's a promise.

I will try my best.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A week roundup

Last week was a tiring week... tired from work,mostly.

Failed my insurance exam... but served me right lah, cos I was too busy to study. Nvm, 2 more to go.. which I dont think I got enough time too.

Chong's clinic got a new colleague... Suhui, my secondary school friend, is coming in!

Me, Suhui and Adeline went to Ice Kimo after work...

Friday, Justin and Yixia came over to my house for monster-huntering... lol. PSP game lah, cos my psp low batt, so they specially come over to my house. LOL.. paisay lah.

That's Yixia... multi-taking with 2 PSP and Guitar...he's the monster hunter GOD.

Justin my monster-hunter Shifu... hahaha.

Weekends gonna be lil busy... working in National Museum again. Need to study for my next coming exam lo...DAMN sianz. Actually I don't mind failing it again lah.

Haiz...just hate to study man.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Updates from my part-time job...

Yes... some updates from my part-time job... got this job from Justin, his aunt is working there, so he asked me to join him as well. Its a shop that sells chinese paintings, but occasionally organising some events. So the 1st event that we need to work on was a piano recital concert...

Had a preview of the concert at ChinaTown Point one day before the actual event... Justin and I were damn afraid of being the emcee...both of us got stage fright lah(I'm serious... I can't talk well on stage), but in the end...I owe him something la, haha...so I took up the role, but he helped me with the Emcee script lah.

Performance by our boss's kids, Rex and William, and their piano teacher, Dr. Peter Vinograde.

From left: William, Rex, Dr. Peter Vinograde

Justin took this photo..ended up like I'm "laji-ing" with the lady behind..-_-

The next day...was the actual event...

Had our lunch before the event... Justin introduced me this Cha Kway Tiao...

He got the kena forced face, haha... cos this glutton was enjoying his cha kway tiao...

Their concert poster @ the esplanade...

At the reception counter...Justin busy working...

Do they look alike? Hahha...Justin's cousin, Jinfa, and Justin.

The programme booklet...

The autograph session...

Yeah...enjoying my off today.. YoOOhOoo!

Monday, June 22, 2009

In Square Salon - Special Review

In Square salon has been a household name for almost 45 years in the local hairdressing industry. It has gone from strength to strength, generation after generation of entreprenuership, creativity, innovation and most importantly, a very personalized approach to their customers when it comes to hair dressing services.

In Square was first named as IN IN Beauty Salon, founded by Mrs Jessie Hoo whom herself has a deep and strong passion in hairdressing and customer servicing. Mrs Hoo first learned her hairdressing traits at the then, locally reknown as hairdressing salon called Mei Foong where she started as an apprentice.

Mrs Jessie Hoo in action...(short hair, in white)

Through the years of passion and hardwork, the first IN IN Beauty Saloon hairdressing was born in 1964 and it was first located at "Hai Nam Sua" (the then popular Thomson Area). Under the stewardship of Mrs Hoo, the salon flourished and became a household name. Naturally, moving on to a higher traffic and more populated location, soon followed. IN IN is then moved to the Lakeview Shopping Centre.

At the same time, the second generation of In Square was beginning to evolve. Mr. Ivan Hoo, son of Mrs Hoo, came into the hairdressing limelights soon after and he too developed an immense amount of talent and passion towards the hairdressing industry. This has given the salon brand an added boost of vitality, energy with new creative ideas from Ivan.

IN IN was then officially renamed as In Square and relocated to its present premises in the more upscale area of Thomson Road in Sin Ming.

Today, Ivan Hoo, the creative director is the main man steering the growth and direction for the company. He has also won numerous top local hairdressing awards and competitions. With over 20 years of hairshows, magazine shoot projects, makeovers experience, Ivan has brought In Square to another level of competitiveness as well as branding awareness among the media and the consumers.

One thing's for sure as Ivan says it all,

" Despite all the success the salon has enjoyed, mum and I will never forget the kindness and support of customers who have grown with us over the last 45 years or so. Without them, In Square will not be where it is today. That is why, clients like our family, make our business complete and we appreciate that."

Special Interview with Ivan + Adeline MAKEOVER special!

Singaporeans vs Foreigners?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Y-新闻,年轻人最 IN 的新闻!

Y-news! Bringing you the latest news and fashion related to the teens! From H1N1 virus to blood donation, and we lead you to be the fashion leader among the teens! How can you miss it?! Teenagers working while fighting with the H1N1 virus, some also spent their holidays wisely by doing something for the less fortunate. What else!!! You definitely can't miss the makeover special by hairstylist Ivan Hoo!!! The make over special is the highlight of the Vodcast!!!

My Vodcast>>> Click to listen!

News 1: Fighting at the frontline

Interviewees: Adeline Lim, Kelvin Chan
Reporter: Kevin Soh

Teenagers work hard during the holidays for some extra allowance. However, Adeline and Kelvin are standing at the frontline, fighting against H1N1 virus! Watch them tell you about the prevention against H1N1!

News 2: A meaningful act during the holidays

Interviewee: Matthew Tiong
Reporters: Sophia Sim and Kevin Soh

This is the 3rd time Matthew donating blood. Watch his process of blood donation, and listen to his feelings towards blood donation. A meaningful act during the holidays, which will help to save many in return.

News 3: The latest trend in Singapore!

Interviewee: Ivan Hoo, Creative Director of In Square Salon
Cameraman: Kelvin Chan
Model: Adeline Lim
Reporter: Kevin Soh

Listen to renowned hairstylist, Ivan Hoo, for his valuable comments on the latest style on teenagers! What's more! Watch out for the highlight of the show, which Ivan helped to transform someone from plain-looking to gorgeous! Make-over special!!!

Due to the time constraint for my Vodcast, I will be doing a full Make-over video on my next blog review, with a special write up on Ivan and the history of In Square Salon. Do support my next entry as well!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Short update from Work

Short update from work...

I think I'm not that strong in Chinese after all..haha, my Chinese oso Jit Teh Jit Teh...

Justin and I are working for a Ah Tiong... and the Ah tiong has a tamade good command of chinese... and Justin has a tamade good command of english... so Kevin soh ended up as a tamade translator... lol.

But when Kevin soh starts to speak chinese... he realised he cannot speak a full proper sentence of chinese...because he is so used to mixing hokkien,singlish,english in his daily life...

And the boss just arrowed us to be the emcee for his son debut piano performance at chinatown point next week...and Justin has a tamade lousy chinese... so the arrow shoot one round become me...

So afterall...this job is about event coordinating... but I'm still kinda blur what to do lah... and the boss has a wierd temper sometimes... hard to tackle..I think I take off my shirt oso no use. No lah, joking... hahha.

Okay, now going out to do interviews for my final round of Y-bloggist!

Catch my entry tml!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holidays no more!

Start work lo! Thanks to Justin, he managed to get me into work earlier than expected, so I'm officially starting work tml!

But...seriously, I don't know what's my job about. But tml morning we are going to esplanade! YooOhOO! But not playing lah, when come to work, we are both very serious.

Eh, really lah, can't you sense my serious tone. Haha.

Also rushing my Vodcast for my final y-bloggist round...Sorry man, I think this time won't win lah, cos I really no time.

Not enough time! And my exams is coming up in 6 days! Just read the text abit, DAMN THICK.


If nothing goes wrong, will be working all the way before camp starts.

Wish me luck!

A long day with a great dinner

Sophia and I had a very long day today... first it started out with meeting sponsor, together with Darius @ 10.30am... then we head on to Cathay to repair her phone...

Then she accompanied me to collect my textbooks for my exams. Will be taking some financial status exams for my own benefit... 3 papers to go. So I must start revising soon, cos the 1st paper is next Wednesday. Starting to feel abit stressed. Total damaged for the 3 exams? $300++. So Sophia saw this at the lift lobby, and we took some photos lah. Hahha.

Then we went on HSA for a special mission... Can't review much now at the moment, but you guys will know it soon lah. I had to really thank Matthew for his contribution...haha, just one call, he came down. Truly a great friend in deed. He risked his life for me sia. Hahaha.

Sophia, Matthew and Myself

After the "mission", we started to feel abit bored, Sophia forced us to do this.

@ about 7pm... we left because we had our own stuffs to do. I had a special task! To cook dinner for my beloved Bros and Sis!

I cooked 2 dishes...my Mum did the other 2, caused I reached home quite late, ahha..can you guessed which one is prepared by me leh?

They finally reached around 8.30pm... as usual, Justin was the earliest, forever punctual, songwei...used to be punctual, but after meeting us most of the time, he is already very well-trained, haha..and starts to come later. Sophia rushed down from her stuffs... finally!! FOOOD...

Songwei...being the oldest among us, haha... (birthday coming lo), is always very concern about us, look at him, helping us to scoop rice leh. Haiz, I'm always taking Songwei for granted, everytime I emo, he tried to call me, I always MIA. But Songwei, I knew you called man, thanks for that, really appreciate it.

Justin, forever into his gadgets like PSP and HP. His special talents is to play PSP while listening to you. I don't know how he can multi-task so well. Very busy, cos he's always sms-ing, as seen in this picture. After kena suaned by Sophia and Me that he got very bad fashion sense, (I think that day he quite dulan...so Sophia and Me kept quiet in the end, lol), he was kena suaned by Songwei again. Hmm...I think I shall not talk bout his dressing sense anymore, lol...the more I talked, the higher chance of getting snapped by him. hhaha.

Hmm, I wanted to say good things bout you Sophia, but... your picture hard to convince people. Haha. She's full of rubbish. Haha, no lah... Thanks for helping me so much today although you were not feeling well. Thanks for listening to me. You have been a great friend and gave me lots of support. Take care of yourself in Malaysia ah!! Enjoy your church camp! I hope you are feeling better now. She's going to her church camp on Wednesday...

Chatting about some funny things in our lives and in hall...haha!

Justin bought us Cheesecake somewhere near his workplace...I tell you...it's damn GOOOOD. Especially is bought by Justin Lee, haha...cos how often does he...ehh, haha. Joking man. Not bad, Justin, you are learning liao...Hehe. Got improvement!

Priscilla...this piece is for you. Haha, she's in USA enjoying her holidays now. We miss your kuku-ness and laughters man, haha...faster come back. LoL!

Dinner was great with them!!!