Tuesday, June 09, 2009

After 6 months... We are back at the airport again...Not Justin, but...

Priscilla! She's leaving for US for a 3 weeks holiday! Rushed down after work today with Justin from Chong's Clinic... time was already 9.30pm, but I haven't finished my stuffs at Chong's clinic... must really really thank Dr Yuen for allowing me to knock off early, so as to catch Priscilla, she's checking in @ 10pm!!!

As a result, Dr Yuen had to finish the rest of my work, cos I was working alone today. I promised him will give him a treat! Feel so damn damn damn paisay, asking boss to finish my job. No more next time Dr Yuen! Promised!

Took a cab down, lucky we managed to reach on time. Yes, On the dot!!! Group pic before Pris left! Saw that bear she's holding? Yeah...a little gift from the 4 of us... hold it back so long liao, couldn't upload the pics, afraid that Priscilla might see...Lol, let's look at the birth of the dog, "Chng Gek Sai"~

Stage 1! Choosing the dog! After some discussions, we decided to take this!

Stage 2: Stuff the dog... with Cotton!!!

Sophia's smelly leg in action!

The dog is forming!

Stage 3: This part... we were given the dog's heart. We were to hold on to it together, and made wishes for Priscilla. Then each of us were made to kiss the heart. (As instructed by the sales girl in the picture) Priscilla, you are blessed!!! Haha... and after that, the salesgirl sew up the opening...

Stage 4: Bathing the newborn! Yeh...each of us took turns to bath the dog...haha.

Stage 5: Daddies and Mummies choosing name! Yeh, we were thinking of what name to choose for this dog... then suddenly...

Sophia said... " How about Similan? " (We always call sophia as similan...as her surname is 'sim' , a.k.a Sophia Sim-ilan, LoL)

Alright, last stage: Printing of birth certificate, Chng Gek Sai is born! (Because Priscilla full name is Chng Gek Ling, we decided to call this dog... Chng Gek Sai...haha!)

Done! Home sweet Home! And now... he is on his way to USA with Priscilla too...

Enjoy your hols my friend!

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