Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holidays no more!

Start work lo! Thanks to Justin, he managed to get me into work earlier than expected, so I'm officially starting work tml!

But...seriously, I don't know what's my job about. But tml morning we are going to esplanade! YooOhOO! But not playing lah, when come to work, we are both very serious.

Eh, really lah, can't you sense my serious tone. Haha.

Also rushing my Vodcast for my final y-bloggist round...Sorry man, I think this time won't win lah, cos I really no time.

Not enough time! And my exams is coming up in 6 days! Just read the text abit, DAMN THICK.


If nothing goes wrong, will be working all the way before camp starts.

Wish me luck!

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