Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The superdog craving

Sophia: I feel like eating super dog!

Kevin: Okay, let's go! Where?

Sophia: Vivocity!

So a random msn msg...and we really chiong down to vivocity at 4.45pm for hotterdog. Met up for less than 1 hour, then I rushed down to work at chong's at 6pm. Guess that's power of friendship. To be available for them, anywhere, anytime, whenever possible. =)

Went to Chong's... some little boys and girl commented how come don't have adeline's photo on the chong's clinic board... so took some photo with her.

I think she also haven't appear on my blog before. Haha, she's a very nice girl, always telling me stunning stuffs, that brighten up my day.

Alrights, I'm koon-ing soon... tml meeting sponsor with Darius and Sophia.


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