Monday, June 22, 2009

In Square Salon - Special Review

In Square salon has been a household name for almost 45 years in the local hairdressing industry. It has gone from strength to strength, generation after generation of entreprenuership, creativity, innovation and most importantly, a very personalized approach to their customers when it comes to hair dressing services.

In Square was first named as IN IN Beauty Salon, founded by Mrs Jessie Hoo whom herself has a deep and strong passion in hairdressing and customer servicing. Mrs Hoo first learned her hairdressing traits at the then, locally reknown as hairdressing salon called Mei Foong where she started as an apprentice.

Mrs Jessie Hoo in action...(short hair, in white)

Through the years of passion and hardwork, the first IN IN Beauty Saloon hairdressing was born in 1964 and it was first located at "Hai Nam Sua" (the then popular Thomson Area). Under the stewardship of Mrs Hoo, the salon flourished and became a household name. Naturally, moving on to a higher traffic and more populated location, soon followed. IN IN is then moved to the Lakeview Shopping Centre.

At the same time, the second generation of In Square was beginning to evolve. Mr. Ivan Hoo, son of Mrs Hoo, came into the hairdressing limelights soon after and he too developed an immense amount of talent and passion towards the hairdressing industry. This has given the salon brand an added boost of vitality, energy with new creative ideas from Ivan.

IN IN was then officially renamed as In Square and relocated to its present premises in the more upscale area of Thomson Road in Sin Ming.

Today, Ivan Hoo, the creative director is the main man steering the growth and direction for the company. He has also won numerous top local hairdressing awards and competitions. With over 20 years of hairshows, magazine shoot projects, makeovers experience, Ivan has brought In Square to another level of competitiveness as well as branding awareness among the media and the consumers.

One thing's for sure as Ivan says it all,

" Despite all the success the salon has enjoyed, mum and I will never forget the kindness and support of customers who have grown with us over the last 45 years or so. Without them, In Square will not be where it is today. That is why, clients like our family, make our business complete and we appreciate that."

Special Interview with Ivan + Adeline MAKEOVER special!

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