Friday, June 12, 2009


Kevin,Justin,Sophia. I think if there is a ranking board for the people who has most fights with Kevin Soh, Justin and Sophia will top the list. However, they can still stand my nonsense, and formed the mighty five clique.

In addition to Justin, Sophia... there's also Songwei and Priscilla. I thanked you all for so forgiving, when I fall, when I throw my temper, when I do silly things. In this 100m race, they can be ahead of me so far... but yet they never fail to turn back and check on me. I maybe slow... but they are the people who pushed me along the way, and had given me comforting support.

We were at Timbre that day... Justin was trying to hide his gay drink, haha...but too bad, he failed, and I caught it!

Sophia, me, and Justin. They used to say...when taking pictures in a trio, the one in the middle will die 1st. Hmm...even if that's true, I don't mind, because I thanked god for blessing my generous and caring friends longer life than me. I wouldn't want to grow old enough to see my friends one by one leave me... I will rather leave earlier than you guys, to bless you all with whatever I can. Alrights, thinking too much... aye aye, Kevin Soh is a emo freak.

Timbre too we decided to change location to somewhere cheaper...

Yuks, the smelly feet. Only one person will have such a retarded

Not me...

Not Justin either...

Yup, it's her. Haha.

Justin's recommendation... ehh, if I never remember wrongly, it's Muddy Mudpie... wah, you eat liao you will HIGH~

Justin and Sophia... the ex and current HALL 14 JCRC vice president...haha.

Sophia and myself... with our vibrant color tees. Haha.

Sophia claimed that this pic there's 3 of us. Can you locate us? LoL

Thank you. =)

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