Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A long day with a great dinner

Sophia and I had a very long day today... first it started out with meeting sponsor, together with Darius @ 10.30am... then we head on to Cathay to repair her phone...

Then she accompanied me to collect my textbooks for my exams. Will be taking some financial status exams for my own benefit... 3 papers to go. So I must start revising soon, cos the 1st paper is next Wednesday. Starting to feel abit stressed. Total damaged for the 3 exams? $300++. So Sophia saw this at the lift lobby, and we took some photos lah. Hahha.

Then we went on HSA for a special mission... Can't review much now at the moment, but you guys will know it soon lah. I had to really thank Matthew for his contribution...haha, just one call, he came down. Truly a great friend in deed. He risked his life for me sia. Hahaha.

Sophia, Matthew and Myself

After the "mission", we started to feel abit bored, Sophia forced us to do this.

@ about 7pm... we left because we had our own stuffs to do. I had a special task! To cook dinner for my beloved Bros and Sis!

I cooked 2 Mum did the other 2, caused I reached home quite late, ahha..can you guessed which one is prepared by me leh?

They finally reached around 8.30pm... as usual, Justin was the earliest, forever punctual, songwei...used to be punctual, but after meeting us most of the time, he is already very well-trained, haha..and starts to come later. Sophia rushed down from her stuffs... finally!! FOOOD...

Songwei...being the oldest among us, haha... (birthday coming lo), is always very concern about us, look at him, helping us to scoop rice leh. Haiz, I'm always taking Songwei for granted, everytime I emo, he tried to call me, I always MIA. But Songwei, I knew you called man, thanks for that, really appreciate it.

Justin, forever into his gadgets like PSP and HP. His special talents is to play PSP while listening to you. I don't know how he can multi-task so well. Very busy, cos he's always sms-ing, as seen in this picture. After kena suaned by Sophia and Me that he got very bad fashion sense, (I think that day he quite Sophia and Me kept quiet in the end, lol), he was kena suaned by Songwei again. Hmm...I think I shall not talk bout his dressing sense anymore, lol...the more I talked, the higher chance of getting snapped by him. hhaha.

Hmm, I wanted to say good things bout you Sophia, but... your picture hard to convince people. Haha. She's full of rubbish. Haha, no lah... Thanks for helping me so much today although you were not feeling well. Thanks for listening to me. You have been a great friend and gave me lots of support. Take care of yourself in Malaysia ah!! Enjoy your church camp! I hope you are feeling better now. She's going to her church camp on Wednesday...

Chatting about some funny things in our lives and in hall...haha!

Justin bought us Cheesecake somewhere near his workplace...I tell's damn GOOOOD. Especially is bought by Justin Lee, haha...cos how often does he...ehh, haha. Joking man. Not bad, Justin, you are learning liao...Hehe. Got improvement!

Priscilla...this piece is for you. Haha, she's in USA enjoying her holidays now. We miss your kuku-ness and laughters man, haha...faster come back. LoL!

Dinner was great with them!!!

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