Friday, June 05, 2009

NTU Engineering Innovation and Design (EID) Presentations + Exhibitions

Finally sia, END OF EID!!! Okay lah, though we didn't clinch any prizes, but guess after all I get to know 11 more interesting people, short, emo, funny, guai lan, blur cock, kaobei, all comes in one package. LoL

The EID bus-brella group!

And this place... AIR-CON is damn lousy. Look at the sweat...-___-

This FAT ASS is our leader Wei Ze.

So while David(arrowed) trying to find songs... to suit our theme... Bus Brella...ehh, he found this Hokkien Song...titled "Small Umbrella" a.k.a Sway Hor Sua. ehh...okay, good try.

The heros, Derrick and ChengSiong spraying water down on our prototype

The people from Hall 14 and MAE...

Peishan and Myself...

Not forgetting Yanpei

The Ex-tutorial group... yanpei, myself,peishan, Jiale, Tailon

David explaining to one curious professor...

Justin and his soveniers for Hall 14 people!

The final photo before we left!

Good work guys!

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