Thursday, June 11, 2009

NTU HALL 14 Freshmen Orientation Camp Behind the Scene - Collection of Goodies!

Yes...went to collect Freshmen Orientation Camp Goodies yesterday, with my fellow Biz Mags, Kiat Chay and Leanne, not forgetting our friendly driver...haha, Frank, and helpful programmer...JunHong!!!

aye... but our Van broke down 2 times....once was at the Multi Storey Carpark at IMM, at the slope... haha. The other time was at Kranji, when we were about to enter to collect NEWater... Look at Leanne, super hot!

Our driver... Frank, he too stressed lah, haha... he's also sweating like hell lah.

Another Biz Mag, Kiat Chay... who's also the driver of the day. We separated ourselves into 2 groups, so collection can be faster.

My helpful programmer...JunHong...

Busy packing the this room is supper packed...Chun Hern is going back next week to tidy up the room, thanks la, BRO!!!

I think after yesterday, everyone is damn shagged... thank you guys, really appreciated your help...

Anyway, here's the result for the 8th week Most Popular Y-bloggist...

This week, scary sia... got tie for the 3rd and 5th position, I think everyone kanjiong liao...haha.

Cos next week, 15/6/2008, Monday, will be the dateline for the voting!!!!

So if you still want to win worth $1300+ of prizes...and want to support still can do it here!!!!

Vote For Most Popular Y-bloggist

Just got the theme for my final round...Vodcast, Jit Bai siao liao... *cold sweat*

Quite troubled recently... Red Light is blinking for health... and my hall application got some problems...School work not doing well...

Please pardon me if I start to Emo again, haiz...

Kevin Soh is an EMO king.

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