Saturday, June 06, 2009

Reunion with my bros and sis!

Yes, they are my suck thumb suck toe bros and sistas in hall 14, we went through alot together!!! Finally, JUSTIN LEE is back from US exchange. Haha, after 6 months!!! That's pretty long, and sadly, Pris is leaving for US next monday, for 3 weeks holidays. Never mind lah, 6 months we also can tahan...3 weeks... easy lah. Haha, after that we will be able to HANG OUT AGAIN! WOOooHOOO!

We went to this Dim Sum restaurant,@ Excelsior Hotel, River City... Buffet SHIOK! Pris and Soph...

Pris just loves Xiao Long Bao...

And other dimsums too...

3 more people recieving the I luv NY shirt!

Individual shots with Priscilla!!

You know..sometimes take individual shots with Justin lee is so damn difficult...because he is so tall...standing at 1.84m, about 10cm differences... though I tried to tip toe... he tip toe too.. so I guess u are now seeing a 1.9m giant with a dwarf...Haha.

Not only that, he always like to disturb us, ehh. Nope, looks like Justin is the victim here! I think Sophia did something funny, lol! Candid shot!

Okay lah, finally...individual shots done!

Group shot 1!!!

Group shot 2!!! These few group shots are damn precious...because it's only after 6 months we got a reunion pic. Let me repeat...6 MONTHS IS DAMN LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Pris got to leave earlier...due to church camp, so the rest of us went to arcade and toy'r'us to find back our childhood memories...Haha!

Haha, song wei and sophia having fun at Toy'R'Us!

Songwei : Haiyo...wad face is that...
Kevin : Wah..gei sai face...
Justin : Wah...look like some FHM cover model leh. *all laffs and pengz*

Haha, Sophia just can't stop laughing!

Guess who's that behind the flower? This flower is super "LONG" ..

Justin get his revenge...on SOPHIA!

Go go Power Rangers!

Okay... boy and girl...don't fight k...

Shall meet up again VERY VERY SOON! hahah... will be back with more updateS!!!

Anyway... Justin,Songwei,Pris,Sophia>>> Thank you for being there all the time. I know I have been disappointing you guys, my efforts always doesn't show in my results. Thank you for all the encouragements and concerns, I will convert them into the energy for greater motivation. You guys has been great. Thanks for sharing with me so many things in life. You guys will be greatly blessed. =) From the bottom of my heart, Kevin.

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