Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rushing here and there... damn tired

Today really had been a tired day.... rushing here and there.

Worked in Chong's clinic from 8.30am to 12.15pm... thanks sabrinah for covering some duties for me...

Then rushed down to National Museum and ushered two R-21 films today... then was talking to my superior, and realised many ghost stories, and was told by her not to leak as not to freak out the rest of the usherers... Lol.

At then, I'm already half-dead...then went to give tuition...

My colleagues at National Museum asked if I'm getting married or buying house...why slogged until so hard. Haha, aye... dunno leh, maybe as a form to get out of my emo-ness?

Aiya, earned more money for future lah, but well, everyone knows I spend alot, not on myself...but on my friends lah... so I worked hard for my friends lo. Haha.

Anyway, I realised I didn't blog about clinic bbq last Saturday....

Deborah, Adeline, Sabrinah

Some went home earlier... the clinic group pic, old and young
From left: Dennis, Shujun, Sabrinah, Deborah, Daniel Lee, Myself
Sitting tua ling long in the centre: Dr Yuen

Not uploading on facebook lah...I think I'm abit sianz of facebook, visiting that social website lesser liao. I think I may be the first one out of my many friends to retire from it... lol..

Was talking to Daniel yesterday, he should be on the plane now,coming back from Melbourne. dunno if he touched down liao. He said he was having sorethroat, flu and fever...hoped he's alright. Bro, hope that you are H1N1 free!!!!

All my friends are coming back to me! Priscilla coming back soon lo!

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