Saturday, June 27, 2009

A week roundup

Last week was a tiring week... tired from work,mostly.

Failed my insurance exam... but served me right lah, cos I was too busy to study. Nvm, 2 more to go.. which I dont think I got enough time too.

Chong's clinic got a new colleague... Suhui, my secondary school friend, is coming in!

Me, Suhui and Adeline went to Ice Kimo after work...

Friday, Justin and Yixia came over to my house for monster-huntering... lol. PSP game lah, cos my psp low batt, so they specially come over to my house. LOL.. paisay lah.

That's Yixia... multi-taking with 2 PSP and Guitar...he's the monster hunter GOD.

Justin my monster-hunter Shifu... hahaha.

Weekends gonna be lil busy... working in National Museum again. Need to study for my next coming exam lo...DAMN sianz. Actually I don't mind failing it again lah.

Haiz...just hate to study man.

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