Sunday, June 14, 2009

Westlake Primary @ Loof

Holidays are meant for gatherings, well, that's right, it has been many years, but we never fail to meet up, at most annually. Last night, went to Loof with my primary school mates, to chill out. Finally, we moved out from the usual Bishan/Toa Payoh(since most of us stay around this area) to somewhere more "class", LoL.

Before heading to Loof, we were having our budget dinner @ Raffles City, thanks to Eebing, I managed to play around with her DSLR... haha.

That's Eric...

That's jacqueline, not bad right, got the "Feel"...hahaa.

This shot taken by Eebing, guessed Zhihao and myself was totally engrossed in Eric's army stories...

So after dinner...we made our way to Loof...

The ambience...

Myself and Zhihao.

Lanyan, Grace and Myself

Playing around with Eebing's DSLR

This corner was actually very cosy, yes, we could feel the warmth radiating from the lamps... hot leh.

Zhihao and was taken by Sinyee's Camera, bottom was taken by Eebing's DSLR

Eebing took this random emo shot of Eric, Zhihao and Me

The pretty girls, Jan, Sinyee, Christina

Random shots by Eebing again...caught using the super CUI 7-eleven

Group pic before Marion left...
From left: Marion, Lanyan, Zhihao and myself.

Eric asking some funny questions again. was too loud, was trying to figure out what was he asking.

The "Guest-of-honour" for that night was Amos, seriously, I haven't met him ever since I left Westlake, that was like 11 years ago? Too bad ah, can't see his face. He was sharing with me some lame jokes lah, quite amused by his lame-ness. LoL, but Amos, if you are reading this, must try to improve lah, most of them I heard before liao. Haha.

Amos: Do you happen to have any idea why this guy threw the toilet bowl off the aeroplane?

Kevin: Ehh, very familiar...I heard before, why arh?

Amos: Cos he is crazy lo...

Kevin: -____-||

Amos: Then do you have any idea why a granny suddenly died while crossing the road?

Kevin: (Give the sianz 1/2 face) Cos kena whacked by the toilet bowl that dropped off the plane.

Amos: Hhahahha! Okay, then do you know why this little boy cried even though he managed to score 100 marks for his test?

Kevin: Oh, I know. Cos it's over 200 marks.

Amos: No lah! Cos his granny kena whacked by toilet bowl mah! HAHhahHAhahH!

Kevin: -____-||||

Cheers to our 14 years of friendship!
From left(front row): Zhihao, Myself, Eric, Amos
(2nd row) : Jacqueline, Marion, Grace, Eebing
(Last row) : Lanyan, Christina, Jan, Sinyee

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