Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A wish... that came true.

2 years ago... on my 21st Birthday, I made 3 wishes.

"I hope all my friends will be blessed and feel happy everyday."

But I forgot to wish to stay happy.

Because I thought that if everyone is happy, I will be happy as well.

I guess, the wish came true... everyone's succeeding in their own endeavour, everyone cheering and discussing of their own achievements.

Yet, I'm still lagging behind the 100m race.

Emo as it seems... but given to make the wish again, I wouldn't regret.

Because, true kinship and friendship exists when you can multiply love, but not dividing love.

You multiply love when you CREATE your happiness.

You divide love, when you SHARE your happiness.

That's the difference between CREATING and SHARING. =)

I chose the former, because it has a greater impact on my friends.

朋友, 一生一起走,那些日子不再有。。 那些日子不再有。。。 How true. =)

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