Friday, June 19, 2009

Y-新闻,年轻人最 IN 的新闻!

Y-news! Bringing you the latest news and fashion related to the teens! From H1N1 virus to blood donation, and we lead you to be the fashion leader among the teens! How can you miss it?! Teenagers working while fighting with the H1N1 virus, some also spent their holidays wisely by doing something for the less fortunate. What else!!! You definitely can't miss the makeover special by hairstylist Ivan Hoo!!! The make over special is the highlight of the Vodcast!!!

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News 1: Fighting at the frontline

Interviewees: Adeline Lim, Kelvin Chan
Reporter: Kevin Soh

Teenagers work hard during the holidays for some extra allowance. However, Adeline and Kelvin are standing at the frontline, fighting against H1N1 virus! Watch them tell you about the prevention against H1N1!

News 2: A meaningful act during the holidays

Interviewee: Matthew Tiong
Reporters: Sophia Sim and Kevin Soh

This is the 3rd time Matthew donating blood. Watch his process of blood donation, and listen to his feelings towards blood donation. A meaningful act during the holidays, which will help to save many in return.

News 3: The latest trend in Singapore!

Interviewee: Ivan Hoo, Creative Director of In Square Salon
Cameraman: Kelvin Chan
Model: Adeline Lim
Reporter: Kevin Soh

Listen to renowned hairstylist, Ivan Hoo, for his valuable comments on the latest style on teenagers! What's more! Watch out for the highlight of the show, which Ivan helped to transform someone from plain-looking to gorgeous! Make-over special!!!

Due to the time constraint for my Vodcast, I will be doing a full Make-over video on my next blog review, with a special write up on Ivan and the history of In Square Salon. Do support my next entry as well!!!


marilynHuang said...

your post is super sweet. your friends so cute. they look so paiseh in the interview. but the hairstylist super cool siah. where you find. pro!!! :D hahahahha

kevinskh said...

Haha...thanks. Your post also funny leh.. majiam watching noose on channel 5. Final round liao leh, finally. Hahhaa. Thanks for supporting ah.

marilynHuang said...

of course larh. i'm a fan! haha. you survived through all the rounds!! YIPEEEEEE. mine's just nonsensical larh. haha. did it in a rush.