Thursday, July 30, 2009

FOC meeting + Mindy's and Shuting's 23rd Birthday

Time now is already 4.20am... had a sense of relieve...was doing some FOC finance budgeting, and everything is right. =) Anyway, went back to hall today to sort out some stuff and FOC meeting. Next week is FOC lo!
Above photos: Top 7 trying out the main comm identity>>>> cap!

You never fails to include a girl into your committee, because she always brighten up our day with her kuku actions. LoL

The programmers were also trying out their pool games that day... poor Geraldine had a cut on her toe... I think the tile in the swimming pool was the culprit...

Hmm... well, our Chief CGL clement, in his sexiest pose. LOL!

We had our meeting at Jurong Point... look at everyone...serious sia.

After meeting, I rushed down to meet my 八仙 clique for dinner. Was a birthday celebration for Shuting and Mindy. Oh...its a REAAAALLY belated celebration for both of them, whose birthday fall on 8 June and 20 July respectively.

We had our dinner at a peranakan restaurant @ thomson road area....

Taking individual shots with the birthday girls...

Trying to find back their childhood days...haha.

八仙 dinner a success!

It's always so hard to plan a dinner or an outing for 8 of us... especially now, when some of them have graduated and started work. Time really flies, but I'm glad that despite our busy schedule, each of us tries our very best to put in our little effort to make the dinner works. Any friendship or relationship doesn't depend on just one person... 8 of need 8 hands to clap, which is even harder compare to a two person relationship. I guess, the most important to accept and compromise.

After all... we had known each other for 10 years, since secondary school days. Friends come and go, but what matters most, is the difference they have created in our lifes that make us remember them most. =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Final destination 4...

So it's finally coming... had catched 1,2 and 3... looking forward to 4... oooo whoo!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On papers!

Must thank reporter Weiding for publishing our editorial on 联合早报...

Weiding later sent us an email and mentioned that we were featured on mypaper as well...

He sent us the pdf version...screenshot it...

Were told that there will be a presentation ceremony @ National Museum , on 10 August 2009...its gonna be a reunion for all the Y-bloggers! Haven't receieved any details yet... but looking forward!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Trying something... funny.

Eh... I think I'm trying to be funny.

Hehe... taking out my guitar, ooo...a layer of dust up there.

Paisay lah... hahha.

I'm hooked...

Hooked to 2 songs recently...

Nobody-Wondergals(jazz version)

1234 - Plain white Ts

Thank you.

He's my good buddy since secondary one days. Yup, Daniel Ang. He was back from Melbourne, and came over my house for a short visit. Thank you for offering a listening ear and lending a strong support this time round. Really appreciate it.

By now, you should be back in Melbourne, work hard, Daniel! See you back in 6 months time!

"We know our friends by their defects rather than by their merits" - W. Somerset Maugham

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soph's 21st @ Furama Riverfront Hotel

Yup...time now is 6.14am, and I still can't sleep. Anyway, blogger giving me lots of problems, and I have downloaded hell lots of freeware to counter it. Finally, I can upload some photos. Last week...celebrated Sophia's birthday at Furama Riverfront Hotel.

The five of us again... Songwei, Pris, Justin, Myself...with birthday girl, Sophia.

They are the people who bring me laughters and joys...

After dinner at Furama, she thought that everything comes to an end... nah...not going to be that easy. Thanks to Priscilla, the thoughtful one, came up with 101 ways to surprise Sophia. So we went to her house to hide first...before dropping by at Sophia's house in the midnight.

Justin and Pris with her dog, Lucky

When you are together with Justin, you will never fail to see this "prominent" object. yeah...that was the PSP that we gave to him 6 months ago.

Sophia's cupcakes...

Justin can't leave his hands off lucky...Lucky, is really a lucky dog. He is already 17 years old, but he's really old. It's really quite sad to see him sneeze and walking slowly and weakly. He can't see properly because of cataract...

We left pris's house shortly after that.... pris got to pick up Songwei first before heading to Soph's house.


The tall man with the cake...

Spent abit of time at Soph's house...before we left...

Alrights...i think i gonna sleep soon... no more work lo! Later going out with my mum, and heading to see Auntie Fongyin, Justin's aunt... she used to work together with us at Chinatown, but she had a bad fall, and need to rest for about 6 months.

Get well soon Auntie Fong Yin!

Monday, July 20, 2009

NTU Hall 14 Freshmen Camp goodies bag packing

Busy. Work has been busy, and Justin and I both ended work as late, or as early as 2AM in the morning. Work ending this week... mixed feelings. Let's not talk about work. Really no time in updating my blog.

Saturday went back school to pack goodie bags, glad that we had helpers coming down. Thanks for your effort, it's because of you we ended off early.

Pack...and pack...

150 goodie bags...

Priscilla,my biz mag, came down and lent a helping hand...despite she was sick for the past few days, hope you are feeling better now!

Nutrition Park sponsored the goodie bags.

Priscilla again, with another of my biz mag, Kiat Chay...working hard

Dove was so generous that she sponsored us 1500 bottles of anti dandruff conditionals. We were really overwhelmed by their generiosity... and I really mean it. OVERWHELMED.

The rest of the friendly helpers... my juniors...
From left: Saychong, JunHong, Bendy, Junyue, Emily.

Hor, spotted! Embezzling goodies! Lol...

Sometimes.. i really wished that I can travel back time.
Haiz, gotta sleep. Bye.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

That Sunday...

Sunday morning... went to work... that's sabrina. Spell correctly liao. Haha.

Then I was waiting at home...patiently for my...

Threadmill!!! Catch my next entry on Nutrition Park review! Thanks to Nutrition Park!!!!

Went to meet up with some guys from hall...for monster hunting!

Justin and Yongyang

Yixia and Chun Hern...I don't why Chun Hern gave a gay face.

The monster hunter gang!

Going out to work soon... bye!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


如果我变成回忆。。。 有人还会记得我吗?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Away to the Ah tiong land

Sent Joseph off on 1st July 09...he's going to China for attachment...with people from Hall 14.

The top 7 for Hall 14 Freshmen Camp...

Myself with Joseph

The mechanical engineers in Hall 14...I'm the dumbest among them...hha.

The cousins...Joseph and Darius. Eh...they really cousins, not joking!

And finally...our souvenier... done by Darius.

Bye bye ah bui Joseph!

Friday, July 10, 2009

抢摊大行动 episode 5 - Hokkien Mee

Last week, went for 抢摊大行动 filming... with Daphne and her boyfriend... also together with us was Nicholas, hall 14 senior.

Took some pics...

Hokkien Mee @ Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Blk 127

Was on the phone with Yixia regarding some single room issues...

Daphne and her boyfriend...

The fierce director... you can infer from the pic...haha.

And don't miss the chilli.... cos is damn good, finished 2 bowls of chilli lo!

hahaha...oh yea, the 1st episode is out... feel abit uneasy seeing myself on TV though. Lol, anyway...thanks Dr Yuen for helping me to record and burn into dvd...thanks arhhh!

Haiz...tml working alone. Justin...lend me your zai-ness power pls... keep my fingers crossed!