Thursday, July 30, 2009

FOC meeting + Mindy's and Shuting's 23rd Birthday

Time now is already 4.20am... had a sense of relieve...was doing some FOC finance budgeting, and everything is right. =) Anyway, went back to hall today to sort out some stuff and FOC meeting. Next week is FOC lo!
Above photos: Top 7 trying out the main comm identity>>>> cap!

You never fails to include a girl into your committee, because she always brighten up our day with her kuku actions. LoL

The programmers were also trying out their pool games that day... poor Geraldine had a cut on her toe... I think the tile in the swimming pool was the culprit...

Hmm... well, our Chief CGL clement, in his sexiest pose. LOL!

We had our meeting at Jurong Point... look at everyone...serious sia.

After meeting, I rushed down to meet my 八仙 clique for dinner. Was a birthday celebration for Shuting and Mindy. Oh...its a REAAAALLY belated celebration for both of them, whose birthday fall on 8 June and 20 July respectively.

We had our dinner at a peranakan restaurant @ thomson road area....

Taking individual shots with the birthday girls...

Trying to find back their childhood days...haha.

八仙 dinner a success!

It's always so hard to plan a dinner or an outing for 8 of us... especially now, when some of them have graduated and started work. Time really flies, but I'm glad that despite our busy schedule, each of us tries our very best to put in our little effort to make the dinner works. Any friendship or relationship doesn't depend on just one person... 8 of need 8 hands to clap, which is even harder compare to a two person relationship. I guess, the most important to accept and compromise.

After all... we had known each other for 10 years, since secondary school days. Friends come and go, but what matters most, is the difference they have created in our lifes that make us remember them most. =)

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