Monday, July 06, 2009

NTU HALL 14 Senior Camp!

Had my hall senior camp over the weekend... really getting old, by the time I come back from camp, I was so shagged that I fell asleep within minutes... think no more energy to go for camps liao lah, haha...but what to do, this time round part of the organising committee... die die also must go.

The night before the camp...chairperson, Darius, in yellow...already had a one to one meeting with me from 10pm to 1am, regarding camp finances. Then from 1am to 3am, was another meeting with the key appointment holders... by then...I was already so shacked(clearly seen in the picture) that I just shut my eyes while listening to Darius... Yixia(lying on the bed), also couldn't take it liao... lol

By the time we came back from supper...time check: Already 5am... all the key appointment holders had fell asleep... only left Yixia, Chunhern and myself...who were still playing monster hunter... lol. Time check: By the time we end our game... time was already 5.40am... Serena even woke up to scold us to sleep... lol!

Next morning... we had our 50 committee members meeting at 10am. It started off with temperature taking session... due to H1N1 crisis...we also came up with our H1N1 protocol...

Darius one shall be spared...EVERYONE must monitor their own temperature!

Camp started... Mexian, Sophia, Myself and Daphne.

The lao jiaos who were finding their every means to
AntiClockwise: Meixian(In green), Daphne, Junyue, Sophia, Songwei, Justin and Myself... (Priscilla was being quarentined at home as she had just came back from US)

Sometimes...we just get too bored...LoL...
Yixia, Justin, Meixian, Daphne

Everyone just want to take a picture with hall 14 newly found structure.
Myself, Jonathan, Chunhern, Meixian, Daphne

They were really so bored that they started to waste my resources...Lol.
Sophia, Hazel, Daphne, Meixian

Some were not participating in the games...and started to camwhore... Sophia, Hazel, Daphne

This pic wasn't taken by me... camera was with Yixia... he went to the fright night location together with the "ghosts", taken on the lorry... I were at the other location waiting for my van to pick the programmers and myself, together with the stores...

Fright night location was eerie enough, haha... hope can freak the freshies out this year. Haha... had to left camp early that night, as I was working the next day...

See you guys during Freshmen camp!!!

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