Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soph's 21st @ Furama Riverfront Hotel

Yup...time now is 6.14am, and I still can't sleep. Anyway, blogger giving me lots of problems, and I have downloaded hell lots of freeware to counter it. Finally, I can upload some photos. Last week...celebrated Sophia's birthday at Furama Riverfront Hotel.

The five of us again... Songwei, Pris, Justin, Myself...with birthday girl, Sophia.

They are the people who bring me laughters and joys...

After dinner at Furama, she thought that everything comes to an end... nah...not going to be that easy. Thanks to Priscilla, the thoughtful one, came up with 101 ways to surprise Sophia. So we went to her house to hide first...before dropping by at Sophia's house in the midnight.

Justin and Pris with her dog, Lucky

When you are together with Justin, you will never fail to see this "prominent" object. yeah...that was the PSP that we gave to him 6 months ago.

Sophia's cupcakes...

Justin can't leave his hands off lucky...Lucky, is really a lucky dog. He is already 17 years old, but he's really old. It's really quite sad to see him sneeze and walking slowly and weakly. He can't see properly because of cataract...

We left pris's house shortly after that.... pris got to pick up Songwei first before heading to Soph's house.


The tall man with the cake...

Spent abit of time at Soph's house...before we left...

Alrights...i think i gonna sleep soon... no more work lo! Later going out with my mum, and heading to see Auntie Fongyin, Justin's aunt... she used to work together with us at Chinatown, but she had a bad fall, and need to rest for about 6 months.

Get well soon Auntie Fong Yin!

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