Monday, August 31, 2009

Had been quite busy... SUMMARY of events

Had been rather busy recently, was actually trying to do my project, but ended up surfing facebook instead. Feeling sick again, voice changed majiam going through puberty break voice again... yes, again...i thought i recovered one week ago, but seems like the flu and sore throat virus cant bear to leave me...alamak.

Made my choice to join JCRC... hmm, I don't know if I had made the correct move, despite some advices from my good friends. Haiz... guys, I'm very sorry for not listening to you, but I guess I will try my best in coping with my studies and activities in hall. If anything were to happen, guess I have to bear the consequences myself. Jia You, Kevin Soh.

I'm very thankful to a friend of mine, who explained to me the philosophy of life. I'm trying my best, and hope the sun will shine after the rain. Yes, I'm not doing well in my studies, but I hope to explore other opportunities in life to make me a better man. To this friend, thank you for lending me a support. Thank you for scolding me and wake me up.

There are many things in life to look forward to. There are many events in life that made me value them. Recently was sick, and what moved me was my bro, came to my rescue when just a sms was sent. I know everyone has been busy and move on with life, but thank you for lending me a helping hand. Thank you, Justin.

Been busy every weekend, and really hoped to spend some time with my mum. I know she's missing me, because she has complained that I didn't spend more time with her. Am really sorry about it, but just that I don't know how to apologise to her. Haiz, Asian mah. Kinship, very important too. When I was sick, saw my mum brewing all sorts of teas, wake up at wierd hours, just to help me recover. She called me everyday, checked if I'm still running a fever, and even offer to send herbal tea to school. But being sick, was rather hot tempered, and a few times I gave a tone which were rather not appreciative enough. If my Mum is reading this... I just want to apologise to you. I know I'm not a filial son... but I will try my best to make it back to you, mum.

Such a long an emo post... I guessed I should post some pictures of recent events...

Attended Pris's 21st birthday... thank you for inviting us, really enjoyed it.

We made a video for Pris...

Not forgetting the bloopers...

And we were kena sabo-ed at her 21st...hahha.

Treated my hall friends to a dinner... using vouchers won from Y-bloggist...

Sent Dennis off... he flew to NewYork RPI university for his exchange...

Bro, thanks for lending me a support during FOC, listening to my complains. Haha, won't forget that day at Dragonboat, where we both listened to each other complains. You have been a great friend, but just before I could know you more, you fly to New York. Take care of yourself over there, time will fly... and we will meet each other soon. And do msn or email us if you experience homesick, we will be the first to reply you man!!!!

And also the annual hall 14 round island with the bunch of 老 kok koks...

And last but not least... MAY DAY CONCERT with hall seniors. Back row: Myself, Shengjie, Yongyang, Jia En.

And special appearance...Hui Yee, lol...she was there with her friends.

Alrights, just a summary...if I got time will backdate the entry...back to work. Yawnz

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I will remember you...


Time really flies. Haiz

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hoping so much that I can travel back time...

Sitting in the car, chatting, laughing...going out for supper...HTHT.

When's the next time... =(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Show Reel
上班不留白2 全集 (十三集)
Mediacorp Channel U Smart at Work 2 Full Series (13 Episode)

我要当食神 - 蛋包面 (Omelette Noodles) preliminary stage.

<a href="" target="_new"title="Instant Noodle Dish 快熟面料理">Video: Instant Noodle Dish 快熟面料理</a>
 Wonder Chef 我要当食神 - Instant Noodle Dish 快熟面料理 《体验36》-- 烤肉干考诚意 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

White Flag

I'm raising the white flag...

Virus and Bugs pls run away from me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inter Hall Jash @ zouk + 老人 reunion!

Last week was the Inter-hall jash...held @ zouk. Guess really old liao, abit cannot mingle into the crowd. Haha...end up the old people like us...sit one corner...and relac...

The young blood...haha

The big family of Hydrus... the old, young, and the fresh blood into the big family!

Halfway during the event... Yixia and me went down to meet the 老人 group for chilling session @ Holland Village...

Dennis, Huiyee,Ben , Clement

The 老人s enjoying...


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Omy Y-bloggist competition results out!!!

Was at National Museum for the award presentation ceremony for Y-bloggist Competition...check out the video!!!!

The top 5 and most popular bloggist for OMY Y-bloggist competition!

Thank you everybody for your support.... because of you...

I'm the 2nd runner up for the competition! 谢谢大家! Kam Jia Jway Jway!!!

Was abit stunned when I had to give a few words... majiam 红星大奖,star awards sia...我要谢谢我的家人,朋友, maid.... dog...

The winners of the competition...

More youth bloggers at the conference...

Must thank Sophia for coming...

Not forgetting my loyal supporter during the competition...marilyn...

Here's the results for Y-bloggist Competition:

1st - 阿呆
2nd - Ting zi
3rd - Double-Image
4th - Marilyn megamonster
5th -

click on the link to read up more about their blogs!

Anyway...met Seeman, my long lost Hongkong JC friend after the event.... Sorry Seeman, I'm quite busy this time... thanks for visiting us!!!!

NTU Hall 14 Freshmen Orientation 2009 a big success!!!!

NTU hall 14 freshmen orientation camp 2009, a great success! Kudos to the amazing team of 49 people who created miracles over and over during the camp... with the record breaking number of 86 freshies, we created history in NTU HALL 14 Freshmen Orientation Camp once again! Congratulations to everybody!

Our chairperson, Darius...created this collarge for the top 7 of the camp...

While taking committee shots...i found my twin, ahah... no lah, we just share similar specs, Felicia.

Not forgetting the loyal support from our Hall President and VP....

We had our forever enthu CGLs practising their cheer...

Sometimes during the game...the top 7 were abit too

This is chairperson...he abused me during the camp. LoL...look, he also wanted to snatch my food away...sobs~

My turn to bully people! Hha.a... dennis and me, slacking, while Geraldine was helping us to do some stuffs. LOl

At night...the top 7, together with Yixia and Geri, helped to finish the souveniers to the maincommers.... the power of working together... laughters non stop. LoL.

Year 3 liao..but I never fail to tekan the freshies...LoL!

Geri and Me... part-time programmer and the full time programmer. LoL, someone commented this pic...majiam Hang 10 advertisement.LoL.

Myself with buddies @ Hall camp...

Initiation night.... hhaha, the night which we tekan the freshies....

Not forgetting the field games...

While the freshies were actively involved in their games...we were busy

Also...the Secret Pal dinner @ bottle tree park... with the main-commers...

The night that scared most of the freshies...

The amazing race....when most of the freshies were running on foot....the top 7 were travelling on a van....hahaha.

Last but not least... new friendship bond...and introducing...the new blood to the big family of Hydrus!

Congrats to everyone on the success of NTU HALL 14 FOC! And to those who had helped in one way or another, I thank you deep deep in my heart!!!!!