Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Want to Get Hugh? Gymmers and Sports Fannatics outthere, check out

Thank you Nutrition Park! Was invited to their showroom for an experience recently, and presenting to you my experience with Showroom! Wow... I must say, it's really well equipped with lots of fitness facilities, and whatelse, excellent service!

Friendly staff explaining to me the functions and demonstrating to me the V11 treadmill

And also some of the home machines...

Not only does focuses on fitness and nutrition, the company also differentiated their products, such as selling comfortable Tees...

Look at the bottles of supplements behind me! WoooOO!

Hahha...trying out the V11 treadmill..

My showroom experience!!!

My experience with V11 treadmill! showroom address:

48 Hillview Terrace
Hillview Building
Singapore 669269.

Opening hours: 10am-5pm daily

Customer Service Hotline: 68946862 (10am-5pm daily)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please Support Sophia's and Her Cousin's BlogShop

About the shop owners:


the1988 is the brainchild of a pair of cousins, Sophia and Jasmine.
Why the1988?
They originally wanted 1988, but it's taken! ):
1988's a special year for them as they were both born in that year.
Basically, all collections that start with the letter S is by Sophia and those that start with the letter J is by Jasmine.
They hope to bring you 2 different styles to cater to more tastes and preferences!

One half of the1988
Loves shoes, chocolate, the colour red and long (driven) drives.
Likes her eggs scrambled.

The other half of the1988
Says this about herself-
"Love to dress and shop source for new and fun stuffs!
Just hope to bring in many nice clothings to share with
girls like you! Hope you have enjoy your stay here and
lastly!, Support us! Cheers!"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank You everyone who made my 23rd birthday a memorable one. =)

Want to thank everyone who have made my 23rd a memorable one. Every year, during my birthday, I will start to reflect what I have done during the past year... and I would say, this year is very fruitful, from Freshmen Orientation Camp blogging competition... and now JCRC... really bring me alot of enjoyable experience.

However, life wouldn't be easy without my dearest buddies and friends around, giving me ample of support, wake me up when I'm down, encouraged me when I have totally given up on myself.

很感动, 有你们加油,鼓励。对那些看不起我的人,我要告诉你们,我会加油,努力。我只希望你们讲话可以用一用头脑。

加油, Kevin Soh. 虽然我不是真正的快乐,但是,我相信,阳光总在风雨后,一定会有彩虹。

Birthday celebration started with SGAkX... my citibank friends... Serling, Gina, Alvin, Myself and Xiuli.

Anticlockwise: Myself, Alvin, Serling, Gina, Xiuli

We went to Tao Restaurant at Paradise Centre...a 6 course meal... good food, but service...can be improved lah.

Gina spent her night doing this very special calender for Alvin and Me... 辛苦了! She spent lots of thoughts in coming up with special quotes for every month, and didnt sleep through the night. Thank you for all the efforts!!! Felt it deep deep in my heart!

Our birthday cakes...

After Tao Restaurant...we went to Cine Kbox... really Long Long time no sing Ktv lo!

Hahah... the entertaining Gina... goes High!!!

Also...must thank JCRC for their present too...

That day...during Investiture...

Not only was I recognised as the Biz Mag of 9th JCRC...

My JCRC also gave me a surprised mini birthday celebration...

Along with Jessica, whose birthday fall on the exact day as Investiture...

Abit paisay to stand infront of so many people...recieving their birthday wishes...

Thank you 9th JCRC!!! Thanks for the present too!!!

Next up, Justin, Sophia, Priscilla and Songwei gave me an enjoyable celebration on the eve of my birthday... Songwei, the driver... drove us to Holland Village for our dinner...we dine at this place...called the Italian restaurant...

My heart to heart buddies from Hall 14... Sophia, Justin, Priscilla, Songwei. Thank you. =) From the bottom of my heart.

My fellow good brothers... who helped me alot in hall...studies, emotionally, physically, hahha... and many other things!

Songwei the kind driver...

The surprised birthday cake... which turned out to be priscilla bang sai... (stories make up by Justin Lee)

After Dinner...went to chill and eat ice cream...

Brothers and Sistas, thank you for everything. I'm very thankful and enjoyed the celebration. Despite your busy schedule, especially Justin and Songwei, who had your assignments to rush, but you guys still take some time out for me. Hmm, very paisay... but dunno how can I repay you guys. U all know deep deep in my heart can liao. Sophia and Pris, I know you guys are very tired also...sorry man. Hmm... hope I didnt tire you all out...thank you very much for the birthday plan. =)

When the clock strikes 12...

my hall celebrated with me.... kena gan by Justin to go down to lounge...cos I tuuuuuuu too much. Thank you hall 14. First time celebrated in hall, year 1...recess. Year 2...recess... This year...due to YOG, recess week postponed. Abit overwhelmed by the large number of turn out, again, must thank my buddies, Sophia, Justin, Priscilla, Songwei for coordinating, and Para for asking the freshies down.

The cake that Zhang Fan bought... and the mooncakes that Justin bought... thank you thank you.

Thank you Sophia for spending her precious time to do up the photo collarge... and thank you buddies!

With the ever supporting Hydrus Freshies...

With the vibrant year 2s...

And last but not least...with the never say old year3s and year4s...

My shunfu buddy..Daphne

Cutting my birthday cake... alamak, look damn Hall mah...

Some of the year 3s...

Thank you Hall 14!!! I know you all have quizzzzz.... have presentations....have assignments.... paisay paisay. I'm no big character... really wasted all of your time. Thank you thank you. Dunno must say how many thank you to make you all feel I'm sincere...just wanna say, I really felt the warmth and your birthday greetings in my heart!!!! Thanks alot thanks alot!!!!

On the actual day...went to clinic to work...then go home to celebrate my birthday with my Ah Bu... Mummy very cute lo, before take photo, say want to put powder... -___-. Mummy sibei Hiao lah...

Thank you Mummy =)

All in all...just wanna thank each and everyone deep deep in my heart. I felt it, I enjoyed it... thank you.

Seeman, thanks for the long distant call, sorry, couldnt talk to you,cos my hall friends were celebrating for me. Thank you... =)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hall 14 Dinner and Dance

Attended hall 14 dinner and dance @ park royal hotel last saturday... theme was elementz, 金木水火土, but... not for us, for the pageants. Our dresscode was formal...

Pretty girls. Haha. Together with me, from left, Calista, Jialing, Winifred, Irma.

The year3s and year4s @ Dnd! Old lo...hahaha.

Sophia, Justin and myself....

With brother!

The 8th JCRC president Yixia and vicepresident Sophia

Winifred and me...haha, quite matching arh, our attire. LoL.

Sophia and myself with our freshie, Damien, also the Hall Prince of the night.

Another photo with brother! He's realllllly tall. Alamak, I tip-toe liao. Haha.

With the new batch of Hall 14 freshmen camp leaders.

The 2007 pageants...hahah. With Hall King, Yulun

Myself, Yixia, Weixian and Justin. Weixian was our pageant coordinator last time... hahah. 想当年... LoL

hHAHHA...... The New, OLD, and not so old, hall princes....LoL.

My gym kakis in Hall... Songwei, Justin, JiaEn and Yixia.

With 9th JCRC members!

And last but not least... with the hotel manager, haha... no lah, Hengqing(in blazer), who was the DnD president.

Alright... i going back to study liao. Sianz....early so HOT.