Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hall 14 Dinner and Dance

Attended hall 14 dinner and dance @ park royal hotel last saturday... theme was elementz, 金木水火土, but... not for us, for the pageants. Our dresscode was formal...

Pretty girls. Haha. Together with me, from left, Calista, Jialing, Winifred, Irma.

The year3s and year4s @ Dnd! Old lo...hahaha.

Sophia, Justin and myself....

With brother!

The 8th JCRC president Yixia and vicepresident Sophia

Winifred and me...haha, quite matching arh, our attire. LoL.

Sophia and myself with our freshie, Damien, also the Hall Prince of the night.

Another photo with brother! He's realllllly tall. Alamak, I tip-toe liao. Haha.

With the new batch of Hall 14 freshmen camp leaders.

The 2007 pageants...hahah. With Hall King, Yulun

Myself, Yixia, Weixian and Justin. Weixian was our pageant coordinator last time... hahah. 想当年... LoL

hHAHHA...... The New, OLD, and not so old, hall princes....LoL.

My gym kakis in Hall... Songwei, Justin, JiaEn and Yixia.

With 9th JCRC members!

And last but not least... with the hotel manager, haha... no lah, Hengqing(in blazer), who was the DnD president.

Alright... i going back to study liao. Sianz....early morning...weather so HOT.

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