Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hall 14 Pageant Preview @ Homeclub.Riverwalk

Friday was the Pageant Preview @ Homeclub, Riverwalk. Old liao more clubbing feel. Haha, was there to show support to Hengqing, who's the organiser for DnD 2009.
The year 3s, Back row: Songwei, Yixia, Justin, Myself, Darius.
Front row: Meixian, Daphne, Sophia

The guy pageants...

And the ladies...

Winifred...and the JCRC president Nominee, Matthew... kena saboed on stage.

Sophia, Justin and Me

And not forgetting my soulmates, they are the ones whom god had missed out as my brothers and sisters... Pris, Sophia, Songwei, Justin, Myself

Next week...JCRC election day. 09.09.09, 9th JCRC Committee... You decide. =)

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