Friday, September 11, 2009

Leading a healthy lifestyle

3rd day in the week... I have been swimming 20 laps... proud leh. Hahha.

Today joined Justin's swimming training.. (nah, I'm not a good swimmer), just tagged along , together with Songwei. The real swimmers were daphne and justin, who's the swimming and polo captain too.

The zai captain, who's very shy...haha.

Nga Song Wei... who was the calefare...together with me. LoL

Daphne...the upcoming swimming captain. (hahahahha.)

She's my shunfu buddy, my gym kaki, and now... my swimming kaki too. Haha.

Anyway, 11.09.09... Papa's birthday. Happy birthday. 生日快乐。 我好想你,你在哪里? 希望你现在很快乐。 =)

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