Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Want to Get Hugh? Gymmers and Sports Fannatics outthere, check out

Thank you Nutrition Park! Was invited to their showroom for an experience recently, and presenting to you my experience with Showroom! Wow... I must say, it's really well equipped with lots of fitness facilities, and whatelse, excellent service!

Friendly staff explaining to me the functions and demonstrating to me the V11 treadmill

And also some of the home machines...

Not only does focuses on fitness and nutrition, the company also differentiated their products, such as selling comfortable Tees...

Look at the bottles of supplements behind me! WoooOO!

Hahha...trying out the V11 treadmill..

My showroom experience!!!

My experience with V11 treadmill! showroom address:

48 Hillview Terrace
Hillview Building
Singapore 669269.

Opening hours: 10am-5pm daily

Customer Service Hotline: 68946862 (10am-5pm daily)

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Anonymous said...

Nice gym although a little bit crowded.

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