Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 Random Thoughts

1. I'm still listening 下雨天 by 南拳媽媽. That day this song had been looping on my I-phone from NTU Hall 14 to Shunfu Road. Haha..not that I don't have any songs, but too nice liao. LoL.

2. That Friday Mark and Suhui dropped by my house to take Astro Quiz Essence...Long time since we ever chat for so long. From our secondary school days... till now... and Mark is SUPER funny. Hahah.

3. Today I slacked whole day... just listen to One online lecture...and now I'm feeling so damn guilty.

4. Thus I'm going to punish myself for staying awake till morning to finish my lab report.

5. I think I will be so screwed because I have to work at 8.30am till 12.30pm.

6. My weight has been decreasing due to sleepless nights.

7. I just watched a movie on channel 8 by stephen fung and gillian chung. Hmm, kinda emo show... really hates to leave someone.

8. I have been drinking cups of coffee...teh o peng... teh keep me awake.

9. I have been telling myself...take in a deep breathe... and 笑。 It helps. Really.

10.I seriously need to rush my report now.

Bye bye.

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