Thursday, October 15, 2009

I just want to blog - Mid Autumn and Birthday Celebrations

Just now celebrated one of the freshies, Eileen's birthday, who happen to be my sub-comm too. The big family of hydrus.

My bestest pals in hall...Songwei, Priscilla, with Eileen

Yesterday was Mid-autumn cum deepavali cum hari raya celebrations... Lol. With the old old people.
From left: Darius(kena cut off), Lynette, Felicia, Myself, Huiyee, Geraldine, Clement, Ben (Behind)

Not one and only most resourceful(provided me with contact lenses solutions everytime when I need it the most) and the most loyal shunfu buddy... DAPHNE LEONG QIAN QIAN!

Okay lah... i very STRESSSSSSed. Later 11.30am got quiz... SIANZ SIANZ SIANZ.


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i'm gonna make my own post about it