Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My belated birthday celebration... with the Engineers!

Last Friday...went to celebrate my belated birthday, yea...almost a month, haha...with my engin friends, Yanpei and Peishan. The thoughtful girls came out with a series of activities, that made my birthday celebration a special one.

We started having our Jap late lunch at Jurong Safra... Peishan and myself

Then after that...we head on to Jurong Safra Kbox... wah. I tell you...this Kbox is damn damn damn special. You can do recordings and send it to your phone via bluetooth!

Wad else...there's a very big touchscreen pad, majiam Iphone... which you can select your songs. And for boring dudes out there, you can play games on the machine. Haha, so for those friends who feel so bored everytime you hit kbox...fred not now!

Yanpei and myself. Oh yea...and price is the same rate! No extra charges for the recording purposes.

Okay...here's our recording! Yanpei and Peishan don't let me upload theirs... ehh...so I abit buay hiao bye...upload mine lah. Paisay Paisay. Hha!

最近 - Kevin Soh

Hahha... this Kbox is located at Safra Jurong, beside Boon Lay Mrt. Ehh... I not recieving any benefits from Kbox lah, haha...but I just find it quite cool...to share with you guys lo.

After Kbox...we head to Taman Jurong for stingray...and Bowling sessions!

Yan Pei and Peishan

Yanpei , Peishan, and myself

The 2nd round loser...Yanpei (Have to treat cab fare) and the 1st round loser...haha, had to treat them desert.

Alrights...Back to mugging. Now its like 3.30am? yea, I just woke up... Wierd sleeping time. Argghhh

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