Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dr Yuen's Birthday - A mass gathering for different generations of Chong's Clinic

Yesterday celebrated Dr Yuen's birthday @ my favourite Thai place near yishun... it's like a mass gathering from different generations of Chong's Clinic. Sometimes I wonder...we are like the real life version of Hong Kong drama...真情! Haha.

Dr Yuen's Cake...

The little gift that was made by all of us. "Freshly Bake" Haha.

Myself with Jason's son, Couen and Alden, nope...they are not twins. Haha. And together with Chin Chin's daughter, Clarise

The previous batches of Chong's Clinic part-timers...

I can't believe it...I have actually worked with 2 generations already. Hahah...OLD LIAO.

Dr Yuen with friends and family...and with part-timers.

A reunion for all!

After that...we went to Kbox @ Amk...

Mai siao siao...Dr yuen sings Jay Chou's song leh~ haha

Deborah, Sabrina and Adeline..

Dr yuen caught unprepared...

Reminiscing the good old days!

Happy birthday Dr Yuen! Thanks for the dinner, and Jason, thanks for the KTV!

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