Saturday, November 07, 2009

ExxonMobil Interview

I went for my attachment interview today... hmm, took me as long as 2hours.

First, they did a D.I.S.C profiling on me, and the result was a very high "I". This indicates that I'm a very people orientated kind of person, likes to promote and loves working with people. And the weakness is that I tend to feel insecure, and trust people easily. Think...quite true hor? Hahha.

Then it was followed by a 2nd round of interview, this time, we were given 6 different scenarios. We were asked to choose 2 out of 6, and discussed with another interviewee. So we discussed, and went in to the interview room again, talk and talk...then we were also bombarded with an extra impromptu question... by the time I came out of the room, I was already brain dead lo.

Hmm, I think the other candidates are more outstanding than me lah, in terms of their achievements and looks... haha. I'm quite an ordinary guy I think, and normally tend to freak out during interview. A bit stressed lah...seeing my facebook with so many people giving me encouragments...

But... I think abit no chance lah. Well, I guess, at least I give in my best and greatest knowledge liao. If I got in, its a bonus. If don't have, then it's god's will!

Like wad yanpei many people choose exonmobil, it's already quite lucky to be selected for interview lo, like 红星大奖,入围就是种肯定了! Lol...

For now, let's focus on the exams.


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