Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daphne's Farewell...

Before sending Daphne off today... went for Polo training in the afternoon... wah, one word - Shagged.

Though half the time I was helping bro to time the guys for training... next half went down to do some sprinting... and some physical training, and plus a game... wah, really shaccccccccked arh. Was telling Weiyong, polo training is also called the "Save the Old Man Club" arh... haha.

Bro, if next time SAF stripped your officer rank, I think you seriously has the potential to be a PTI. Hahaa.

My knee seems okay... hmm, not as bad as what Doctor Yuen said leh. I think maybe is the way I jog lah, only strained my ligament while jogging, but swimming wise... hmm, seems nuthing wrong. *shrugged*

After that, we went down to send Daphne off to Denmark. Time really flies arh, its the time to send people off again. Last year during this period was to sent bro off. Thanks to the year 3 and 4s for being so supportive, and made this farewell a success.

It has been a long time after exams since we had such a big gathering again. Everytime farewell, seems to be more like our own gathering sia.

Daphne, I know you will be able to see this... all the best to you in Denmark, and do take of yourself overthere. Your parents are very concerned about you, haha...on the way back, they were telling me bout you, telling me dunno whether how you going to carry your 31++kg luggage over... how you going to do the cooking... haha.

Dont worry man, we will keep you up to date of hall 14 and the year 3 and 4s happenings. Jiayouz!

Alright... buay tahan liao.

Nights off...

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