Thursday, December 03, 2009

I can't wait for liberation day!

Yep...still suffering... exams sux.

I don't think I will do well this semester, resign to the fate that I'm not a 2nd class...not even a 2nd lower grad. I guess, my only hope is to grad as a 3rd class grad, and hopefully not touch anything related to engineering. May to the banking industry, media industry, or maybe even air steward. Hahha.

I don't understand why I'm paying so much... not to enjoy quality education, but to humiliate myself, suffer through the filtration plant of Singapore's education system. Tired of living in a state which everybody believes in meritocracy, and only the top will make through the system.

I hope... one day... life will be better. So while I'm trying to make life better in university, I'm also finding alternatives career paths in my life.

I day... I can finally take down my mask... can be quite tiring putting up a brave front, smiling so hard all this while.

Sometimes, I don't even understand myself.

2 more papers to go... 加油!

Exam maddness in Seminar room...

Happy birthday Clement!

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