Sunday, January 31, 2010


Recently was telling this friend that sometimes I felt that I'm a 1800-hotline...listening to my friends' problems, consoling them and giving them advises. Really want to thank you guys for trusting in me...

I used to wonder... people look for a counsellor when they have their problems, but who should the counsellor look for?

My 1800 hotline... my smile. =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That Virus.

Please stay away from me. No matter how hard I try to avoid you, you are still faster than me.

I guess, I need a good rest.

Voices from Lulea...

Haha...and so Sophia had finally found out what's wrong with her webcam, almost wanted to buy one and send it over to her lo.

5 more months to go... let's hope time flies.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday Surprises

Received a phone call from the make-up artist from 食神 variety show...yeah, like so random, asking me if I'm free to help her for a editorial photoshoot...was thinking since it's quite interesting, so go for a try... and didn't know, was a makeover before and after thingy... alamak. Seen here with make up artiste suhuan 姐, photographer and myself.

Really didn't know how to pose lah, I hope the photo will not look chui when the magazine is out man... hahhaa.

After my photoshoot, rushed to airport to send clement and geri off... junyue with clement

Myself with clement...

Hall 14...clement and geri really have alot of friends arh. Anyway, Geri...thanks for helping me to get the belt ah. Hahaha, paisay..

带我走... 到那个遥远的地方.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Missing you!

Missing you , Sophia Sim!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mum's Birthday + Top 6 Meet Up

Celebrated my mum's birthday yesterday...

Went to eat zicha...and came home celebrating birthday for her...

Noticed that she's in different shirt? LoL... she's a LH... LAO HIAO, hahah... she said every year she's wearing red, so this year try to take photo in another color... -___- |||

After that...went to meet up FOC top 6 and friends for meet up session, supposed to meet them for dinner... but was celebrating my Mum's birthday... we went to Darius's house... Meixian and Serena here.

Junyue, Clement and Yixia...

Myself with Dennis...

The cousins, Joseph and Darius...

Dennis came back from his US exchange...and bought each of the top 7 a souvenir...

and we ostracized Darius... LoL.

Meet up more guys!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going back hall...

Going to write a quick blog entry, cos I'm super shacked from JCRC meeting plus work. Today went back hall for meeting, but was super tired cos had to OT till 7plus... after meeting, Junyue and hall friends were there... and they were playing poker in Yixia's room... this is Ben, the overall winner... face...Mah Mah Mah Mah...

Long time no see, Junyue and Huiyee.

Ignoring the dumbbells behind...which belong to the fitness guru yixia, hahah... Meixian and Lynette, the cousins...

Ignoring the muscles... focusing on the gong-gongness of felicia... Lol.
Felicia and Ben Lum!

Okay lah...tired from work, tml gonna reach office early. Busy with preparations for Thursday meeting. I want Thursday meeting to end soon!

Monday, January 18, 2010

From Hall...back to home

I have shifted back to home... thanks to Joseph for sending me back with my barangs barangs today. Right now Joseph is staying in my room.

Gonna miss alot... from hall 14...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Mahjong

It has been a while since my friends come to my house for mahjong sessions...

After work on Friday...I have 3 Big, strong, and yandao gentlemen, haha...who came to my house for mahjong. Weizhi adn Weiyong went to pick up the handicapped Justin, before coming to Bosch to pick up me. Had dinner before we started our game...

We had a, super long mahjong session. Because we had lots of "diao zengs". Haha, 4 hour for just one round.. by the time we finished mahjong, all was tired... and shacked. Not as shacked as after waterpolo though. LoL.

Shagged and hungry...Weizhi munching on a packet of Mamee.

The one who lost until very jialat... lol. Justin 9 tiles "万" come out... Weiyong still 打万 tile, end up Justin 湖, and so...hahah, he has to 包! $12.80 for him... Weizhi and myself just sit there and shake our leg watch show. LoL.

Lol... after mahjong, we head on for supper...and after that home sweet home. By then I was already super shacked.

Okay lah... nights off for now. Yawnz

Friday, January 15, 2010

Aparts from the post its on my desk...

You guys give me the strength to carry on my job when I'm tired...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Internship log entry

I had started out a blog on my internship log entries...

Basically, will be quite a boring blog... hahha, wordy, and lengthy.
Its for my own reference, so I can record down into my Internship logbook.

If you are free...and nothing to do, then take a look. LoL.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If I can cook, so can YOU!

Yea, this is an long overdue post... that day went for filming, for this show which will be aired in April. Must thanks all my friends who came down, and Sophia for coming up the dish for me, and bro for his encouragements. Unfortunately, he injured himself from soccer match...and is still currently on crutches.

We really waited quite long for the filming to begin to camwhore.

Sent this jumpshot for an competition, if win can get 5 pairs of movie tickets of Stephen Chow's newest movie, Jump... let me win pls!

Appreciate to all who came down...sorry for the long wait... and some of you didnt even manage to see the filming, really sorry bout that.

The S.H.....F, Serena, Huiyee,

Thanks Yixia,Hazel,Songwei, who came down despite of softball training, and Ben Lum despite of dragonboat training... paisay arh!

Finally...after waiting for about 4 hours... they called me for filming around 6pm... wait until hungry liao.

Preparing my stuff...

The supportive seniors, Weiyong...


and Jia En...

And not forgetting the forever supportive couple...haha, Geri and Clement, thanks alot for coming down despite your tea session, paisay arh!

I having some problems with tying a tie... lol, need the help of the friendly producers...

At the actual setting...

Waiting for the sky to turn dark...

Camera, roll, action!

This is not made by them...haha, some props for the show, to determine who's the winner.

Guys, thank you for staying up so late with me till the filming ends...really appreciate it. Thanks.

Catch in on Channel U, in April!