Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year !

Happy 2010 to all my friends!

Early in the morning, at 9am, met up with my secondary buddy, Daniel Ang. Why address him with his surname, cause I have one more Daniel, Daniel Goh from sec school as well. Daniel Ang is back from Melbourne for his vacation break. Healthy living...we went YCK stadium for morning jog. Then went his house to swim... think over-exerted myself again, need to rest few more days before I can start jogging again.

Went Ikea today to get my Wine Cups for my cooking filming next Monday... then got a bad news... Chong's Clinic was opened in the evening, and had to go down to work... sianz arh.

Went back home to spend my new year eve with my mum...

Let's look at 2009...double-image recaps!

January 2009

The start of January was spent at Junyue's house with the rest of the year 3s...playing poker and having steamboat... most of us was quite shacked... as we had just sent bro off to the airport on 31st Dec 2008...

Feburary 2009

Had my first ever eye infection in my life... during recess period... ended up spreading to both eyes. Still remember I had to wear shades to meet my FOC sponsor... lol.

March 2009

Entered my first ever blogging competition...and from then on, there were many interesting topics...and challenges ahead...

April 2009

My debut performance singing an English song... took an elective, GV17... and was our final presentation...STRESSED arh.

Bijun took the same elective as me as well, and seen her was Marcus...who came to be her duet partner.

May 2009

Embarked on an one month engineering project... know more interesting people in Mech Engin, and made many good friends. Our product...busbrella, an extractable bus shelter attached onto the bus. Even though we didnt won any prize, but the experience gain...and the friendship we had made, is priceless.

June 2009

Finally...bro was back from US exchange on 2nd June 2009. H1N1 was high in US area...and he had to quarentine himself a few days before he could come out to meet us. Glad that he was fine and free from H1N1! Loss weight and cut his "banks", LOL! WooHoo, 5 of us reunite!

July 2009

Bro and I were doing part-time holiday job for this china lady... we called ourselves the bao kah liao office boys. From event planning, to meeting sponsors, to typing letters, making dvd compilations... everything. EVERYTHING! Work till as late as 2am... wah... shagged. Must thank bro for helping me alot, I would have flared up my temper and left the job... but luckily, heed bro's advice and carried on... this job build up my EQ level...haha, and fat percentage. Cos everyday 2 of us were eating good and cheap food from ChinaTown!

August 2009

A series of events in August...

First was...

The success of Freshmen Orientation Camp 2009, one year of planning, a committee with 50 members... 7 toppies, overwhelming response from the freshies... good job everyone!

Results for Youth Blogging Competition finally out. With the support of many hall friends, pri sch, sec sch, Jc, army friends... finally emerged 3rd place after few rounds of interesting topics... thanks everyone man. =)

We did a video for Priscilla's 21st birthday...and this video was so funny... hahaha.

Kena sabo-ed at the actual party...

September 2009

None other than my birthday larh. Haha, must thank everyone for making my birthday a fabulous 1. Superb...

October 2009

Celebrated Mid-Autumn festival with Soph, Pris and Songwei. Bro couldn't come due to family commitments... hope my lousy cooking didn't poison you all arh. Hahaha.

November 2009

Exams coming...nothing big happen. Only big gathering celebration was bro's birthday. And we tried the gigantic ice cream dessert... umbilibabulu? Hahha...dunno how to spell lah... sounds like that... you got to run like 20 rounds larh... after u finished eating that. LoL.

December 2009

Had my first experience to cook infront of the camera... kind of wierd, and stressed. But was a good experience though... thanks everyone for your support...

Okay...round up the summary of big events, wishing everyone a Happy New Year, may all your resolutions come true...