Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday Surprises

Received a phone call from the make-up artist from 食神 variety show...yeah, like so random, asking me if I'm free to help her for a editorial photoshoot...was thinking since it's quite interesting, so go for a try... and didn't know, was a makeover before and after thingy... alamak. Seen here with make up artiste suhuan 姐, photographer and myself.

Really didn't know how to pose lah, I hope the photo will not look chui when the magazine is out man... hahhaa.

After my photoshoot, rushed to airport to send clement and geri off... junyue with clement

Myself with clement...

Hall 14...clement and geri really have alot of friends arh. Anyway, Geri...thanks for helping me to get the belt ah. Hahaha, paisay..

带我走... 到那个遥远的地方.

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