Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Mahjong

It has been a while since my friends come to my house for mahjong sessions...

After work on Friday...I have 3 Big, strong, and yandao gentlemen, haha...who came to my house for mahjong. Weizhi adn Weiyong went to pick up the handicapped Justin, before coming to Bosch to pick up me. Had dinner before we started our game...

We had a, super long mahjong session. Because we had lots of "diao zengs". Haha, 4 hour for just one round.. by the time we finished mahjong, all was tired... and shacked. Not as shacked as after waterpolo though. LoL.

Shagged and hungry...Weizhi munching on a packet of Mamee.

The one who lost until very jialat... lol. Justin 9 tiles "万" come out... Weiyong still 打万 tile, end up Justin 湖, and so...hahah, he has to 包! $12.80 for him... Weizhi and myself just sit there and shake our leg watch show. LoL.

Lol... after mahjong, we head on for supper...and after that home sweet home. By then I was already super shacked.

Okay lah... nights off for now. Yawnz

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