Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Saturday was spent at ChinChin's house, for Chong's Clinic new year gathering. Had ordered buffet this time round, and thanks to Dr Yuen for the treat. Haha!

We couldn't forget bout gambling, since it's still during the 15-day festive period...

Jason the "dealer"

The earlier batches of Chong's part-time staff. Felicia with Dr Yuen. Seen here with her husband and daughter. Time flies yea...

This is QiaoFen with Dr Yuen. With her husband and daughter too. Also one of the earlier batches... everyone started working during their uni days...and now all grown up to form their own family sia...

The past and current part timers of Chong's Clinic...

Dr Yuen the dealer... haha.

After Clinic gathering, went to meet up with Yongyang and Weiyong. It's Yongyang's quarter-century birthday! Happy 25th Birthday YY! Haha.

Myself with Yongyang

Yongyang and Weiyong, the brothers who had known each other for 11 years sia.... haha.

Weekend was a busy week, took up another tuition assignment, so basically now my Sunday is devoted to Chong's Clinic, tuition, and more tuition. By the time I reached home...was already 7.30pm. Looks like my official working days are Sun - Fri, and Saturday is my rest day sia.

Hahha... alrights, guess I should sleep soon. Nights.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

NTUC 生活 march issue

The editorial is finally out!

Thank you 生活 and suhuan jie =)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Huat arh! Gambling and Lohei till 5.30am.

Finally met up with them. Mindy was unable to make it, as she was sick. Take care and get well soon yea. So instead of the usual 8, it's the 7 again. Met up at Daniel's house for Lohei, since it was the 7th day of the new year, and commonly known as the human's birthday.

Huat arh!

The 7 of us, less Mindy.

Eating non-stop, sharing Chinese New Year goodies.

Thanks to Daniel to this plate of Haha.

After that, we had our gambling session. Daniel goh was the overall winner.. each of us lost on an average of $20...

The investments, haha.

By the time we finished our gambling session, time was already 5.30am...zZzzZz. And we continue to talk about our future plans, updating each other bout our current status, those heart to heart talks only 11 years of friendship will understand... =)

Home sweet home, thanks to Suhui. The rest was trying to squeeze in the car. Good thing I was sitting infront. LoL!

Happy CNY! Meet up soon yea!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinese New Year @ Chong's Clinic

Time now 3:59am, crazy. I should be sleeping by now...Hope I can wake up tml for work. Haha. I wasted so much time loading all these photos up. Anyway, yeah, 1st day to work in Chong's after Chinese New Year. As usual... Dr Yuen gave ang pows! WOoOhOOO!

I give you oranges, you give me ang pow. Haha.

Thinking bout spicing up the clinic. Decided to summon all staffs down for Lo Hei Session! Haha. Thanks so much for supporting my idea yea. All came except Suhui... here's Deborah and Sabrina.

Bought the lo hei (Dr Yuen paid for it in the end), eager to open it. LoL.

Clinic four big beauties. Haha. Phyllis, who just joined the big family of Chong's clinic, Adeline, Sabrina and Deborah.

Myself with Chong's seniors... my Shifu Daniel, and da shi jie ChinChin. We are both tigers. Haha... but she's one cycle older. LoL... U can roughly estimate the history of Chong's yea? LoL.

We had problems starting the lo hei, dunno wad auspicious stuffs to say. Haha... thanks to Phyllis, who bother to google online. LoL.


Dr Yuen with Sabrina and Deborah.

The aftermath. LoL, Thanks to the girls who helped to clean up in the end. lOl.

Chin Chin and her brother, Jason

Happy family.

Alrights...back to sleep. Tml 9.30am got meeting. Yawnz.

Video of Lohei! Dunno what they talking man, seriously. Hahah...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jiak Ba Kar Eng

The title suggests... direct translation from Hokkien, too free after eating meals. Haha.

Did a random search of myself on google and yahoo... and realized some websites that I don't even know it existed.

Honouring the best youth bloggers in Singapore

永恒的爱 - Everlasting Love | 動画

Hee... *shy*

The unexpected guest

Recently, keep hearing something from my mum's room... but we have no idea what it was. During day times, we thought we heard something walking, but we still cannot figure what it was...until one day...

We found something... the bird had actually built their nest here, and waiting for their eggs to hatch...

During Chinese New Year... more chirping was heard. And Mum said... think the baby birds had hatched from the egg. And I have been observing for 2 days... during evening time, the Mama(or PAPA) bird will always be guarding at the rooftop.

Haha... I think I'm going to strike lottery soon? Any feng shui master can tell me any significance of this?


The scorching sun which kept us accompanied

I should be asleep by now. Haha, Dennis if you're reading this entry, I tried sleeping at 11pm when you called, but keep tossing around man. Decided to wake up to do some blogging. LoL. Yea, today's CNY visiting was exhausting man. Partly due to the scorching sun. My Mum and I was super thirsty most of the time.

Went to visit my "San Pek" , 3rd Uncle at Sembawang. We were I thought he stays in 354D, haha.. but when I called my cousin, tiong, then realised was 354A. My mum was complaining of my "blurness" . LoL. I finally got to step out of the house to get myself a bubble tea, finally yea...

But San Pek was not at home, so while my mum was talking to my cousin, I was playing with my Nephew and Niece. Haha. Junkai and Yijing here.

Myself with Junkai. I think I'm a pedophile. Haha, had so much fun playing with kids.

But before I left... I think I made Yijing cried. Haha... luckily my mum wants to visit temple, quickly sneaked away before I get myself into trouble! LoL.

We visited the temple at Sembawang. Mum said I need to pray to the "Tai-Sui" God this year. Don't really know what's the meaning behind it, just follow her instructions lo. Haha. No harm anyway. Just that the sun really do lots of damage and spoil the day lah.

The "wishing lantern"...

After going to the temple, I visited my "Ah Yi" and "Yi Tiew", in other words, my mum's sister. They are already 70 plus... sometimes, I feel kind of sad to see people whom look younger during my childhood days, start to grow old, and some have difficulties in walking. It makes me want to treasure the people around me more. It's too late when you lose them and regret. Okay lah, enough of emo stuff. Heard from my mum, my ah yi's grandson, my nephew lah, in other words, is going to be a doctor. Wah... haha. But too bad lah, don't know him well. Lol. My family is really big sia. My "Dua Yi's" son, is even older than my mum, which means that I have nephew and nieces older than me too. Complicated lah. Hahaha.

By then... was already 6 in the evening, both my mum and I was already too tired. The first thing when we reach home?

A big glass of water to quench the thirst!

I need the rain...pls come!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ushering the Tiger Year!

Chinese New Year... eating non-stop of steamboat, pineapple tarts, nuts, bak gwa... I think I'm definitely going to put on a few more kilos. Above pic, myself with my cousin. Alan, Wen, Myself and Nicholas

Visiting each other's house is a must for my family... starting with my house as the first stop. What's the most "In" thing in town right now?

I-phone lor. Haha... exchanging applications, playing games...

Alan catching up with Wen, the two had been best friends since young, play soccer together. The two big bro that take care of me since young and played with me during CNY oso, haha. Heard that Wen is a bartender in zouk now, haha... next time go zouk must find him for free drinks sia. Hahhaa.

Gugu talking to Guzhang...

And the older generation discussing their kampong days...and they have their own gossip sessions too!

The "上一代" . Haha, "Kor Tiew", "La Jim" , "Ah Hua Gor Gor", "Ah zhu Gor Gor", and my Mum. Haha, I had been calling them that since young.

We decided to travel to Dua Pek's House, my Big Uncle house to visit him. Mum said that he had recently gone through an operation, so decided to pay him a visit.

Well, strike lottery, while we were talking in his house, we heard a loud bang. Got accident arh! Look at the people at the top left hand corner, everyone came out to kaypo. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident.

My Dua Pek with my GuGus and Mum...

And...that's not the end of our new year visit... more to go... end of part 1 only...

Alright, time to hit the bed now... tml got to make a visit to a few houses again!