Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day @ Bosch

Last Friday, was quite relaxed for most of us, even though I had something urgent to send out to Asia sales managers,but... everyone's was in New Year Mood. Haha. Vincent, Jilun and myself decided to do something for the female interns in the office... to mark valentine's day!

Myself, Jilun and Vincent with the rest of the interns. Our theme for the day was RED!

Clarice, Ivy and Vincent was at my desk and were trying to entertain themselves...haha. I joined in too. Look at our unique ways of pasting stickers. Haha.

Coming back from Lunch...with the other interns...

Then clarice said was cool to take pics in the lift. haha, vincent and me joined in too.

Before we went back...Amanda came down to my desk to take something from me, then Clarice wanted to camwhore again. LoL.

We went to Level 7 to return something, and saw Robert Bosch! The founder of Bosch. Haha.

Alrights, Happy Chinese Year arh, everyone. Stay happy, hahaha.

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