Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinese New Year @ Chong's Clinic

Time now 3:59am, crazy. I should be sleeping by now...Hope I can wake up tml for work. Haha. I wasted so much time loading all these photos up. Anyway, yeah, 1st day to work in Chong's after Chinese New Year. As usual... Dr Yuen gave ang pows! WOoOhOOO!

I give you oranges, you give me ang pow. Haha.

Thinking bout spicing up the clinic. Decided to summon all staffs down for Lo Hei Session! Haha. Thanks so much for supporting my idea yea. All came except Suhui... here's Deborah and Sabrina.

Bought the lo hei (Dr Yuen paid for it in the end), eager to open it. LoL.

Clinic four big beauties. Haha. Phyllis, who just joined the big family of Chong's clinic, Adeline, Sabrina and Deborah.

Myself with Chong's seniors... my Shifu Daniel, and da shi jie ChinChin. We are both tigers. Haha... but she's one cycle older. LoL... U can roughly estimate the history of Chong's yea? LoL.

We had problems starting the lo hei, dunno wad auspicious stuffs to say. Haha... thanks to Phyllis, who bother to google online. LoL.


Dr Yuen with Sabrina and Deborah.

The aftermath. LoL, Thanks to the girls who helped to clean up in the end. lOl.

Chin Chin and her brother, Jason

Happy family.

Alrights...back to sleep. Tml 9.30am got meeting. Yawnz.

Video of Lohei! Dunno what they talking man, seriously. Hahah...

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