Sunday, February 21, 2010

Huat arh! Gambling and Lohei till 5.30am.

Finally met up with them. Mindy was unable to make it, as she was sick. Take care and get well soon yea. So instead of the usual 8, it's the 7 again. Met up at Daniel's house for Lohei, since it was the 7th day of the new year, and commonly known as the human's birthday.

Huat arh!

The 7 of us, less Mindy.

Eating non-stop, sharing Chinese New Year goodies.

Thanks to Daniel to this plate of Haha.

After that, we had our gambling session. Daniel goh was the overall winner.. each of us lost on an average of $20...

The investments, haha.

By the time we finished our gambling session, time was already 5.30am...zZzzZz. And we continue to talk about our future plans, updating each other bout our current status, those heart to heart talks only 11 years of friendship will understand... =)

Home sweet home, thanks to Suhui. The rest was trying to squeeze in the car. Good thing I was sitting infront. LoL!

Happy CNY! Meet up soon yea!

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