Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The scorching sun which kept us accompanied

I should be asleep by now. Haha, Dennis if you're reading this entry, I tried sleeping at 11pm when you called, but keep tossing around man. Decided to wake up to do some blogging. LoL. Yea, today's CNY visiting was exhausting man. Partly due to the scorching sun. My Mum and I was super thirsty most of the time.

Went to visit my "San Pek" , 3rd Uncle at Sembawang. We were I thought he stays in 354D, haha.. but when I called my cousin, tiong, then realised was 354A. My mum was complaining of my "blurness" . LoL. I finally got to step out of the house to get myself a bubble tea, finally yea...

But San Pek was not at home, so while my mum was talking to my cousin, I was playing with my Nephew and Niece. Haha. Junkai and Yijing here.

Myself with Junkai. I think I'm a pedophile. Haha, had so much fun playing with kids.

But before I left... I think I made Yijing cried. Haha... luckily my mum wants to visit temple, quickly sneaked away before I get myself into trouble! LoL.

We visited the temple at Sembawang. Mum said I need to pray to the "Tai-Sui" God this year. Don't really know what's the meaning behind it, just follow her instructions lo. Haha. No harm anyway. Just that the sun really do lots of damage and spoil the day lah.

The "wishing lantern"...

After going to the temple, I visited my "Ah Yi" and "Yi Tiew", in other words, my mum's sister. They are already 70 plus... sometimes, I feel kind of sad to see people whom look younger during my childhood days, start to grow old, and some have difficulties in walking. It makes me want to treasure the people around me more. It's too late when you lose them and regret. Okay lah, enough of emo stuff. Heard from my mum, my ah yi's grandson, my nephew lah, in other words, is going to be a doctor. Wah... haha. But too bad lah, don't know him well. Lol. My family is really big sia. My "Dua Yi's" son, is even older than my mum, which means that I have nephew and nieces older than me too. Complicated lah. Hahaha.

By then... was already 6 in the evening, both my mum and I was already too tired. The first thing when we reach home?

A big glass of water to quench the thirst!

I need the rain...pls come!

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